Dating Bolivian Women: How to Impress a Bolivian Girl

Win the heart of a Bolivian beauty! Discover expert tips on dating Bolivian women and learn how to impress these enchanting ladies.

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Bolivia is a dream destination for many travelers, even if American passport holders need a visa. The country is well known for its scenic beauty among international tourists. 

However, travelers interested in Latin dating are drawn toward the better-documented beauty of other South American ladies such as Brazilian, Argentinian, and Colombian girls. Dating Bolivian women is just not on top of their list.

That said, if you are planning to travel to Bolivia, we strongly recommend checking out the local ladies. Brought up in a culturally diverse country, they will add a lot of spice to your trip!

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What Are Bolivian Girls Like?


Naturally beautiful

Bolivian women inherit from the country’s diverse background. Slender figures, dark eyes, and brown skin characterize them. They are very comfortable with their body type and are happy to adopt a no make-up look, gracefully letting their natural beauty come to the fore.


Bolivian ladies are brought up in a conservative environment and are respectful towards tradition. Family is a top priority for them, and they would happily sacrifice personal aspirations for family members’ betterment. Raised in small towns, they often have large social circles.


Bolivian women have a deep sense of commitment to their family, and marriage is a big decision. Family approval is paramount when deciding about marriage, and this trait makes them perfect homemakers.


Bolivian ladies are very friendly. As they are brought up in closely-knit societies, it is common for them to greet everyone they meet on the street. Offering food and drinks to guests is common and polite phrases like please and thank you are an essential part of their vocabulary.


Bolivian women do not like to show off and are happy being the way they are. Even though glamour is catching up, most of them avoid flashy dresses and accessories – a trait reflective of their conservative upbringing.


Given the economic and cultural scenario, many Bolivian women seek a platform to achieve their aspirations. They are even willing to leave behind their life and country in pursuit of their dreams.

Homely and nurturing

Bolivian girls are trained to look after the family members, making them excellent life partners. They would happily assume the homemaker’s role and unselfishly do household chores, look after the kids, and support you throughout your life.

Where to Meet Sexy Bolivian Women?

Meeting Bolivian women is a somewhat tricky business, given their traditional mindset and the country’s overall socio-economic factors. You need to know precisely where to look.

Santa Cruz

The largest city of Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, is your best (and perhaps only) bet when it comes to dating sexy Bolivian girls the old-fashioned way.

The Bolivian women in Santa Cruz are sophisticated and receptive to modern culture. They are of mixed ethnicities, inheriting their beauty.

You will find many fashionable university students here who are more responsive to approaches by foreign men.

La Paz is another interesting city to meet Bolivian women. We wrote a full guide on La Paz women.

Online Dating

latin woman love

Women in Bolivia have not fully embraced online dating, which can be traced back to their conservative family values and large social circles. That been said, with the number of progressive women on the rise, it’s not entirely doom and gloom.

LatamDate – Being one of the largest pools of Latin American women, the site allows you to filter women based on location and age. You’ll find many Bolivian girls from Santa Cruz here as well as other cities. Paid plans start at a discounted price of $9.99 for the first month, and we strongly recommend them for the best experience. – Another popular dating website with impressive membership profiles globally, offers a secure platform for seeking out single Bolivian girls. Feel free to test the waters through their free membership, but given the restrictions on exchanging messages and pics, a paid membership is the only recommended way forward.

How to Impress a Bolivian Girl: 12 Tips for Dating Bolivian Women


Once you have done the hard work of connecting with your date, the next step is asking her out for a date. Your date was likely brought up like any other Bolivian girl in a conservative household, you need to keep these tips handy for your dates.

Here’s how to impress a Bolivian girl:

Learn Spanish

You would be lucky to find a university girl fluent in English. It’s more likely that the Bolivian woman you date will not speak English at all. You are better off learning the basics of Spanish rather than trying to drill English into her.

Meet During the Day

The majority of Bolivian girls will hesitate to meet up in the evenings. Plan your initial dates over lunch or coffee. It will give her an added sense of security and much-needed time to open up with you.

Pay for Everything

Bolivia is a traditional country, and as such, it’s common practice for the man to pay for everything during the date. By everything, this means literally everything:

  • food
  • drinks
  • transportation
  • tips
  • tickets to events
  • etc.

Let’s put it this way: you should pay any expenses incurred during the date. Budget yourself accordingly.

Pick Her Up for Your Date

Also, due to the more traditional culture here, it’s expected for the man to pick up his date in Bolivia.

In today’s world, it’s common practice overall for the two of you to agree via phone call or text about where to meet up. While you and a Bolivian girl can agree beforehand on what you want to do or where you want to go, you’ll likely need to drive over to her house or apartment to pick her up first.

If you don’t have a car, use a taxi.

Always Dress Well

Your first impression does go a long way in deciding the future course of your relationship, so be at your best-dressed self! You do not need to overspend on a Gucci suit. Team up your jeans with a jacket and a different T-shirt to set the tone. Shave or trim properly and wear a nice perfume.

Don’t Be Over-Ambitious

Bolivian women are conservative, and your chances of taking your date to bed on the first date are nearly the same as the Sun rising from the west. Be patient, take an interest in her life, talk about her likes and dislikes, and win her trust first.

Learn to Dance Reggaeton

Reggaeton is a dancing and music style that has spread throughout Central and South America since the 1990s. If you can prove to your Bolivian girl you know a little bit about Reggaeton, you’ll immediately set yourself apart from other visiting western men she’s going out with. Consider setting up a Reggaeton dance session at a studio when you first arrive in the country.

Be Honest

Though this is a universal rule for any date, this holds special significance in South America and Bolivia. Women of Bolivia are raised to lead a simple, truthful life minus the razzmatazz.

Be honest, and do not try to portray yourself as someone you aren’t. Ethics and integrity are valued very highly, and any deviation will be a red flag.

Be Confident

Know what you want (or at least act like you know) and take the initiative. You can demonstrate this when you first approach a Bolivian girl and ask her out. But even during your date, you should display confidence and decisiveness as well.

For example, don’t say “do you want to go here or here” and force her to choose. Instead, just say something like, “this place looked cool when I walked by, let’s check it out,” or something along those lines where you take the lead.

Respect Her Boundaries

Since Bolivian girls are very Catholic, one-night stands are pretty much unheard of. Don’t expect her to want to hook up with you on the first night (or even the second or third). Respect her boundaries, and don’t be pushy. Instead, let the relationship take its natural course. As you grow closer and she becomes more comfortable around you, things will change.

Forget Public Displays of Affection

Expanding from the last tip, don’t be all touchy-feely on your first couple of dates, either. Again, let the relationship take its course as you grow closer together naturally. If she’s ready to be affectionate in public, she’ll indicate it by beginning to touch or kiss you first.

Stay Away from Sensitive Topics

Avoid discussing more sensitive topics with all Bolivian women you date. This includes but is not limited to, past relationships, anything sex-related, or past childhood traumas. Instead, stick to topics like your travel adventures, your families, careers, or personal interests.

Important Tips for Tourist and Expats in Bolivia

Bolivia is much safer to visit today than it used to be. The main risks are pickpocketing and theft.

There are two strategies to stay safe in Bolivia (and other Latin American countries, too).

The first is to research ahead of time which areas have a reputation for safety issues. For example, the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is well known for having the highest crime rates in the country.

The capital city of La Paz, which attracts a lot of visitors, is generally safer in tourist-friendly areas like Sopochaci or El Centro. Some pickpocketers target tourists here, but the threat level is overall lower than other neighborhoods like Plaza Abaroa or Zona Sur.

Secondly, practice good situational awareness:

  • keep your wallet, phone, and passport in your front pockets
  • walk upright and with purpose
  • glance around you often

You want to display to other people around you that you’re aware of your surroundings and won’t be an easy target for pickpocketers.

A Few Weird Facts About the Country

Here are a few interesting or weird facts about Bolivia:

You’ll Get Sick When You Arrive

Dominated by mountains and the highland plains, Bolivia rests high above sea level, and La Paz is the most elevated capital city in the world.

For some people, the high altitude makes it very easy to get sick upon arrival, and it will likely take time for you to adjust.

In other words, plan to take it easy for the first couple of days after you arrive. If you feel ill, it’s okay and something you should expect. Plan your fun for a few days once you’re used to the climate.

Likewise, the temperatures in Bolivia can fluctuate quickly between extreme cold and hot. It’s very chilly up in the mountains and elevated areas, but the landscape can also dip quickly into the lowlands as well. Part of the Amazon rainforest even extends from Brazil into the country.

You’ll See Witch Doctors Everywhere

Ancient beliefs from the Aymaran religion are still practiced by millions of people living in the Andes mountains region today. As a result, you’ll find witch doctors are a common presence in the cities, and there are even entire ‘witch markets’ in La Paz.

Many of these witch doctors will attempt selling items or rituals to you that are intended to bring you prosperity, good health, and greater longevity. Some will even invite you to ceremonies to attempt to contact spirits from the Aymaran underworld to supposedly help you as well. What you choose to do here is up to you.

There’s Definitely A Drug Culture 

Bolivia’s most lucrative economic activity over four decades ago was coca, which was then processed into cocaine. For a time, Bolivia was the second-largest exporter of coca globally and supplied a substantial portion to the United States drug market.

The locals today (including Bolivian women) are surprisingly relaxed around drugs as well. During my trips, I met lots of people who preferred a line or two of coke over drinking all night.

Ready to Date Bolivian Women?

Wrapping it up

To summarize, dating Bolivian women is fascinating and something that you must experience! Though you might not find too many girls ready for one-night stands, you may find the love of your life! Someone who would leave behind her country to be with you forever, be a loving wife, a passionate lover, and a caring mother to your kids.


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