Lima Girls: Best Places to Meet and Date Women in Lima, Peru

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Ready to charm Lima girls? Explore the best spots to connect with these captivating ladies, and learn the secrets to winning their hearts.

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Planning a visit to Peru soon? There’s no country quite like it!

Peru is rich in ancient history, with lush jungles, long golden beaches along the coast, and mountains that extend high into the clouds.

The women of Peru are also among the most caring and loyal that you’ll meet in Latin America. When they fall for you, they fall hard. The quality time you’ll spend with them will truly be memorable.

How do I know this? Well, I’ve traveled to Peru a couple of times in my worldly travels and spent the majority of my time there in Lima. So I suppose I know a few things…

Here are my recommendations for the best places to meet Lima girls in Lima, Peru.

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Date Lima Girls During the Day

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Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. So if you want to focus on your social life and meeting girls to date, Lima is the place to be in the country.

It’s also one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the Americas. When you’re in Lima, the sheer size and scope remind you of Mexico City or Sao Paulo.

How can you meet girls in Lima? Simple: go wherever you can find people. And specifically, try to put yourself in populated areas where it’s natural to meet people.

Staying at hostels in Lima is a great idea in this regard. Not only is it much cheaper than staying at a hotel, but the opportunities are also literally endless to meet girls in the kitchen, the dorms, or the social areas. Plus, you’ll get to meet girls from all over the world.

But if you want to meet and date local Peruvian women, you’ll have to venture outside of the hostels a bit. But the basic concept of heading into populated areas where it can be natural to meet people remains the same.

Shopping malls

Shopping malls and plazas are great places to meet girls for several reasons: there are lots of people here, and most of the girls here are either on break, grabbing a coffee, or going shopping with friends.

There’s nothing unnatural at all with approaching her for a quick two- or three-minute chat where you can get her number.

The best shopping malls and plazas that I suggest are:

Parks and outdoor areas

There are likewise good opportunities to meet girls in parks and other outdoor areas. Just go for a walk to clear your head and be away from the bustle in the city.

When you see her walking towards you down the path or sitting at a bench, ask a question to get a conversation going.

The best parks in Lima include:

  • Park of the Exposition
  • Parque Maria Reiche
  • Parque de la Reserva
  • Parque la Muralla
  • Parque del Amor

Landmarks and tourist attractions

Last but not least, check out famous landmarks, historical sites, and tourist attractions. As with the hostels, there are lots of good opportunities to meet girls from around the world.

I suggest:

  • Centro Historico de Lima
  • Huaca Pucllana
  • Miraflores Boardwalk
  • Pachacamac


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Where to Meet Lima Girls at Night

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Day gaming is fun in Lima. But it’s at night when this city comes to life. Let me tell you about the nightlife in Lima, Peru.

Whether you get a group together or go alone, I recommend sticking to the Calle de Pizzas area. It has the most bars and nightclubs in any area in the city. Calle de Pizzas also lies right in the heart of Miraflores, one of the more upscale districts in the city.

Stay at a hostel or hotel near this area as well. The idea is you should be able to walk to the bars and clubs on your own; it shouldn’t be necessary to take a taxi or the bus.

If possible, try to go with a group. That is because girls tend to go out in groups of three or four, not only to have fun with their friends but also for safety. Also, it’s generally easier to approach a group with a group of guys yourself rather than individually.

That being said, if you are alone, don’t be intimidated if there’s one in the group you’ve set your sights on. Just approach by asking a general question to the group, and then as the conversation flows, you can ask her more personal questions until it’s just the two of you.

Some of the very best bars and clubs in the city include:

  • Bizarro
  • Blue Mint
  • Eka Bar
  • El Dragon
  • El Tayta
  • Ginza Gold
  • Noise Disco

One more good area for nightlife I recommend is the Loki Hostel. It is a party hostel that attracts many backpackers, and it’s surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars. Those places are where it is easy to get laid in Peru.

Dating Lima Girls Online

Ideally, you can set up a date (or two…or three…) in Lima before you even arrive in the city. You can do this via online dating apps and sites.

There are two solid options for Lima. The first, and arguably the best dating site in Peru, is That is the largest online dating site in South America, and a lot of the girls are on here specifically to meet foreign Western men from the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Tinder is another decent choice. By decent, I mean there are many girls on here, and you’re guaranteed to get matches. But try to set up multiple dates since the girls can be flaky, so some may bail beforehand.

Lima Dating Guide

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After you’ve gotten her number and confirmed she’s up for hanging out with you, it’s important to know where to go!

Nice places to hang out with your date

My idea for a nice date in Lima is to walk around somewhere in the city and then go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

Excellent outdoor areas for dates in Lima include the Parque la Muralla and the aptly named Parque del Amor (yes, that means Park of Love). It’s marketed specifically for lovers (and potential lovers) to go and enjoy a stroll together.

If you take her there, the intentions you have for her will be obvious…and she’ll love it.

Good restaurants and bars to take your date to

After a walk in the park, take her out to eat. I suggest going to a neighborhood or street with lots of culinary and restaurant options. The Malecon and Larcomar areas come to mind first.

Final Tips for Picking Up a Lima Woman

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Be On Your Guard

Lima is one of the safer cities in Latin America. But you should still be very much on your guard. Walk upright and with direction, keep valuables such as electronics hidden, and glance around you often.

Don’t Be Overconfident

Too many Western men visit Peru thinking they’ll get dates or laid just because they’re Western men. A lot of the girls here dream about dating a handsome gringo, but you have to do more to woo her over.

My number one piece of advice is to be in control. It doesn’t mean be forceful or aggressive (this can actually have the opposite effect), but rather to walk and speak confidently when you first approach, be the one to give ideas on where to go out and steer the conversation with the questions you ask.

Live in the Moment

Take things seriously…but also not too seriously. Be a little spontaneous, have a smile on your face, make playful jokes, and stick true to your character. Peruvian girls recognize when a man does what he wants, and they’re inherently drawn to it. 

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Hey, salsa lovers! I'm Victor, your Latin dating expert from Cali, Colombia. With a specific focus on Latin dating, my dual role as a coach and author allows me to offer practical, effective advice for overcoming shyness and social anxiety. My approach has successfully guided many single men to find their ideal partners in Latin America.

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