Top Places to Meet and Date Girls in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Explore the lively city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and meet amazing Cabo women! Are you ready to make some unforgettable memories in Cabo San Lucas?

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Listen up, my fellow travelers and aspiring Casanovas! If you’re on the prowl for a romantic getaway, you’ve come to the right place. In this no-bullshit guide, I’m going to share my wisdom on the best places to meet Girls in Cabo San Lucas. So, buckle up, and get ready to dive into the world of sun-soaked beaches, tantalizing margaritas, and, of course, the lovely señoritas of Cabo.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: dating in a foreign country can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know the local scene. But fear not, my friends, for I am here to help you navigate this tropical paradise like a pro. So, whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a Cabo newbie, this guide has got your back.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics, so you can maximize your chances of finding love, or at least a hell of a good time, while you’re soaking up the sun in Cabo:

  • Daytime Delights: My favorite places to meet Cabo San Lucas women during the day
  • Nighttime Necessities: Best spots to pick up girls at night
  • Online Escapades: Best dating sites to use in Mexico
  • Dating Dos and Don’ts: My top dating tips to date local women

So, let’s cut the crap and get down to business. By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and confidence to make your Cabo adventure one for the books. And remember, my friends, life’s too short for half-assed love stories, so don’t hold back and live it up in Cabo San Lucas!

TL;DR About Cabo Girls

Bars and clubs to meet women:Monkey’s Cave Bar, La Vaquita.
Places to meet girls during the day:Playa el Medano, Nearby Todos Santos & Santa Maria
Best dating
How to win their heart:Dress well for your date; brush up on your Spanish

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Date Cabo San Lucas Girls During the Day

meet women in cabo san lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a super popular beach town flooded with tourists and locals alike. It’s particularly busy during the months of Spring Break, during March and April. At this time of the year, you can pick up Cabo San Lucas girls all over town! Let’s check out some of the best spots below.


There are several stunning beaches in Cabo San Lucas, filled with gorgeous women just waiting to be chatted up! And while you might get lucky at every beach in Cabo, try out the following hotspots where you’re likely to meet a truly stunning beach babe:

 When the resort is busy, you will find gorgeous women in beachside bars, sunbathing out on the sand and cooling off in the water. If you’re looking to meet local singles, the beach is the place to go!

Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

Aside from the beaches, you might also be able to meet Cabo San Lucas women at various landmarks and tourist spots throughout the resort, including:

  • San Jose del Cabo old town
  • The areas surrounding the Church of Saint Luke
  • Marina Cabo San Lucas
  • Nearby Todos Santos & Santa Maria

The bottom line is that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to potentially hooking up with girls in Cabo San Lucas, and you will be able to approach women at all times during the day, provided you know where to look!

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Where to Meet Cabo San Lucas Girls at Night

If you’re more of a night owl and fancy your chances of hooking up with a girl after the sun has set, then you will have no issues finding women in Cabo San Lucas.

The town is packed with awesome bars and nightclubs that are filled with scantily clad women looking to party the night away. Let’s take a look at some of the best bars and clubs to hook up with Cabo San Lucas girls:

  • Cabo San Lucas Bars and Nightclubs
  • Sims Elbow Room
  • Uno Mas?
  • La Vaquita
  • Monkey’s Cave Bar
  • Giggling Martin
  • Blind Boar
  • El Squid Roe
  • Two for the Road Cabo Jazz Spot
  • Nikki Beach Bar
  • Crush Nightspot
  • Rips Bar

 Whether you arrange a bar crawl and take in several of these Cabo San Lucas hotspots or choose to visit one or two, you will undoubtedly have an excellent chance of meeting both locals and tourists alike!

Dating Cabo San Lucas Girls Online

Another option if you’re looking to date Cabo San Lucas girls is to sign up for online dating sites and try and get matches before you even get to the resort. It is a great way to ensure you have someone to go out with when you get there, and you can try sites like to get you started.

MexicanCupid – The Best Dating Site to Score a Woman in Cabo

So, you’re after a hot tamale from Cabo, eh? Well, Mexican Cupid is the go-to dating platform for single Mexican dudes and chicas who want to spice things up with someone who appreciates their culture. This baby has been around since 2005 and is part of that Cupid Media Network that loves their niche dating sites.

  • Features: Look, Mexican Cupid is packed with features to help you score that perfect match in Cabo San Lucas. Create a kick-ass profile, upload photos and videos, and let the advanced search algorithm do the rest. You can message, email, and chat up other members, too.
  • Prices and Memberships: There’s a free version, but it’s like a taco without salsa. The paid membership gives you the full enchilada, with all the features you need to find your love connection. Affordable pricing and flexible subscription plans? You bet your burrito.
  • Pros and Cons: Mexican Cupid has a user-friendly interface, a massive user base, and solid communication tools. It’s also pretty secure. But hold your guacamole – the verification process can be weak, leading to fake profiles, and the customer support might take its sweet time to get back to you.

So, what’s the fucking verdict?

If you’re looking for a romantic relationship with a sexy Mexican, Mexican Cupid is a the best choice. With decent pricing and advanced search filters, it’s worth a shot. It’s got some flaws, but overall, the user experience is positive. So go ahead, amigo – give it a try and find your muy caliente match.

Other options to consider:

Alternatively, you can wait until you’re in the resort, and you can download apps like LatinWomanLove to search for local women who are also online and looking to meet foreigners.

That is a great way to meet women before you head for your night out, and it can save you a lot of groundwork when it comes to impressing gorgeous Cabo San Lucas girls face-to-face.

Using an app like LatinWomanLove also enables you to interact with holidaymakers, as well as Cabo San Lucas locals. So it is very much a win-win situation, as you will increase your chances of securing a date and getting laid.

Forget about Tinder in Cabo San Lucas, it’s full of spam!

Cabo San Lucas Dating Guide

Suppose you’ve managed to bag a date with a stunning woman from Cabo San Lucas, great work! It’s now time to decide where to take her out, and you can try some of the following suggestions for a first date to remember:

Nice Places to Hang Out with Your Date

Sunset stroll at Playa del Amor (lovers beach)

  • Visit the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and Land’s End
  • Snorkeling at Chileno Beach
  • Evening meal at Marina Cabo San Lucas
  • Gentle trek up Mount Solmar
  • Diving at Socorro Island

Good Restaurants and Bars to Take Your Date to

Cabo San Lucas is an excellent spot to hook up with women, thanks to the fact that it’s so busy and filled with partygoers. You can set up a date with a woman before you leave, or you can head out to some bars and meet the stunning Cabo San Lucas women who are dancing the night away!

My Top Tips for Picking up a Cabo San Lucas Woman

If you’re looking to impress the ladies in Cabo San Lucas, you need to make an effort. After all, with so many people out partying, there’s often lots of competition! Make sure you follow the tips we introduce below to ensure you have the best chance of meeting the Cabo San Lucas woman of your dreams.

Brush up on your Spanish

While you can get by in Cabo San Lucas without speaking Spanish, learning some basic phrases and vocabulary will undoubtedly help you. It lets you really engage with local women and make a lasting first impression, which could be the edge you need to catch their attention.

Use Medano Beach as your base

Medano beach is the center of Cabo San Lucas and is the perfect base for holidaymakers. If you’re looking to meet both tourists and local women, this is the best place to start looking!

Behave like a gentleman

Mexican women love to be wined and dined. As such, make sure you play the role of a gentleman and make her feel special. Pick up a little gift to share with her on your first date, hold doors open for her, and settle the bill at the end of your meal. The little things go a long way in Mexican dating culture.

Ask about her family

In Mexican culture, family is a huge deal. Make sure you show an interest in her family and ask her questions about where she comes from. That shows that you respect her and genuinely want to know her for who she is.

Important Tips for Tourists and Expats

Alright, let’s spill some quick travel tips before we wrap this up. You’re in the tourist hotspot, so you’re probably safe as a baby’s ass, but remember, this is Mexico, folks. So if you’re feeling adventurous and go too far off the beaten path, keep your wits about you. Shit, we say that every time we mention Latin American countries and meeting local Cabo ladies.

So, your dollar gets you around 18 pesos these days. If you’re living it up near Medano Beach, be prepared to burn a hole in your wallet. But hey, life’s too short to count pennies, right? And if you’re not a total dumbass, you’ll find those cheap street tacos and budget meals with just a bit of effort.

Look, sometimes you just gotta suck it up and pay those fucking tourist prices. Snagging a room near Medano Beach will make your life easier when you meet those smokin’ hot night owls, trust me.

Wanna charm the local ladies? Brush up on your goddamn Spanish, amigo. And if you fall head over heels for this country, consider exploring less touristy gems like Guadalajara next time. Oh, and on your way back to Uncle Sam’s land, make a pit stop in Ensanada. You can thank me later.

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The vibrant nightlife in Cabo San Lucas provides ample chances to meet wonderful women. Take your dating game to the next level by discovering the tips and spots to date girls in Ciudad Juarez or meet Puerto Vallarta women. Different cities, different vibes, all amazing!

Enjoy Dating Cabo Girls!

So, there you have it, folks. We’ve explored the top places to meet Cabo girls, and busted some myths along the way. Remember, it’s not just about the location, but also about being your authentic self and having a good fucking time.


  • Hit the beach, where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and opportunities to meet people.
  • Explore nightlife hotspots like bars, clubs, and restaurants – remember, confidence is key.
  • Join activities and tours to connect with like-minded individuals and make some genuine connections.
  • Sign up to a dating site one or two weeks before you arrive. MexicanCupid is your best bet!

As you dive into the Cabo social scene, keep in mind that it’s not just about meeting girls and getting laid, but also about growing as a person and having memorable experiences. So, what the fuck are you waiting for?

Next Steps:

  1. Get your ass to Cabo San Lucas and put yourself out there.
  2. Embrace both success and rejection as part of the journey.
  3. Remember, it’s about connection, not conquest.

Now, it’s time to ask yourself: Are you ready to make some unforgettable memories in Cabo San Lucas and potentially meet the girl of your dreams? If the answer is “hell yes,” then pack your bags and let the adventure begin!


Looking to spice up your love life with some Latin flavor? I'm Manu, your trusted guide to the world of Latin dating. Born and raised in Mexico City, I'm an expert in Latin dating with a degree in sociology and years of personal experience in the field. I'm passionate about helping single men like you navigate the vibrant and enchanting world of Latina women. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and unlock the secrets to successful connections with Latina women!

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