Chilean Women: Tips and Sites For Dating a Chilean Woman

Discover the allure of dating Chilean women with our expert tips, uncover their unique charm, and find the best sites to connect.


Planning a trip to Chile soon?

Let me be the first to say you’ll have a great time!

Chile is filled with the rugged Andean mountains, pristine lakes hidden high up near the peaks, golden beaches along the extended Pacific coastline, and abundant wildlife.

Chile is perhaps the most overlooked destination in South America to visit. But, even better, the thriving cities and majestic landscapes are not the only things Chile has to offer.

The women here are also truly special, with just the right combination of beauty and resilience. I discovered this when I visited the country a couple of years ago, and it’s one of the primary reasons I’m eager to return here again.

Here are my top tips for dating a Chilean woman.

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What Are Chilean Girls Like?

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What can you expect Chilean girls to be like? Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed:

Super Friendly And Outgoing

In general, the Chilean people are very friendly towards visitors and foreigners. Part of this is because they’re already used to many tourists, but it’s also because of their culture that encourages open-mindedness towards people.

The girls are no exception. If you walk up to them on the street or in a park or plaza, you should find it relatively easy to engage in conversation. She will be polite, have a smile on her face, and won’t act annoyed or like she’s in a massive rush. Expect her to be friendly even if she doesn’t reciprocate the attraction.

Passionate Lovers

What can I say? Chilean girls are romantics!

Assuming you can win her over, she’ll show you much affection both inside and outside of the bedroom. In addition, she’ll crave physical touch, acts of kindness, and eye contact with you throughout the day to strengthen both your emotional and physical bonds.

That is one huge reason why Chilean women make such great life partners. But even if your time spent with her is limited, cherish every moment you have with her because when she’s into you, few women in the world display the same level of desire, care, and affection. 

They Are Gorgeous

Chilean girls are fun to spend time with and passionate when you get to know them, but it’s their gorgeous looks that should attract your attention to them in the first place.

Similar to Argentines, a majority of Chileans are of predominantly European descent, having ancestry from:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Britain
  • Greece
  • Croatia

That translates to the girls having a generally lighter skin color than girls from most Latin American countries and firmly defined facial features.

Ambitious And Proactive

Perhaps the biggest reason why dating a Chilean girl is fun is her ambitious approach to her career and proactive personality. Chances are good; the girl you date knows exactly what she wants out of life and pursues it aggressively. She’ll be self-reliant and a hard worker.

When it comes to your dating life, she’ll love to go with you to parties, festivals, activities, or other kinds of events.

Strong Family Values

As with the rest of Latin America, Chile is traditional when embracing gender roles for men and women.

That means she’ll be heavily invested in her family life and eager to introduce you to them once she starts to take you seriously. But, if anything, her helping raise her younger siblings and take care of the house is what forged her resilience in life.

The Stereotypes of Women from Chile


A major stereotype that Chilean women (and Latin American women in general) often have to contend with is the common perception that they are focused on dating visiting foreign men for their wallets.

It is true that Chile is more traditional in regards to gender roles like we just discussed and that women play a major role in helping run the house. But at the same time, Chilean women are also more encouraged to focus on their careers.

Thanks to the higher standard of living in the country, women here tend to be better off than women in other Latin countries. It’s also easier for girls here to work their way up the economic ladder.

In other words, women need men less so in Chile than in several other Latin American countries.

That greatly affects the dating scene in Chile and in a positive way for you: she genuinely views you as an equal potential life partner and isn’t just pursuing you for your money.

How To Find A Chilean Woman For Dating?

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There are two primary ways to meet Chilean girls:

  • in-person
  • through dating sites and apps

Pick the Right Cities

Roughly a quarter of the population lives in Santiago, the capital and largest city of the country.

My advice is to stick to Santiago and the other few big cities, like Valparaiso or Conception, if you are serious about dating the girls here.

Santiago, in particular, has the best nightlife of any city in Chile. Valparaiso and Conception are smaller cities (though they still have several hundred thousand people) located right along the coastline.

Between the last two, Valparaiso has a generally younger demographic and a Bohemian vibe, while Conception is more of an industrial city.

Many ex-pats also stay in Valparaiso, so chances are equally good you could meet a girl from another country there as you could from Chile.

Also, give Vina del Mar a shot. It is also a coastal city, with very nice resorts (if you’re up for a more luxurious vacation) and a flourishing nightlife scene that seriously rivals Santiago.

The rest of the cities and towns are honestly a bit small, and the people there are even more traditional, if you know what I mean.

The girls in the smaller towns may be somewhat more resistant to an approach from you, simply because they aren’t as used to it as the girls from the bigger cities.

The Best Places To Meet Women

As with anywhere, in Chile you can find girls anywhere you can find people. The trick is to put yourself into an environment where it’s natural to meet girls.

Hostels are one of the best places to meet people naturally. All you have to do is ask her where she’s from or if it’s her first time visiting, and you’ll get some friendly banter going just like that. You could then ask if she’s up for exploring the city with you, and you may have a date!

Outside of hostels or hotels, other great opportunities for meeting women are in:

  • public parks
  • beaches
  • shopping plazas
  • hiking trails outside of the urban areas

You can quickly stop a girl for a brief interaction at any of these areas and without keeping her too long from anything she needs to go to. More on what to say to her initially later.

Santiago is the number one city in Chile to date women. The city has the best nightlife, the most cultural experiences, and the greatest diversity in women.

It’s also the city where most travelers fly into first, so chances are good you’ll start your trip in Santiago anyway.

Dating during the day

Santiago provides plenty of opportunities for meeting women during the day. My top two recommendations are to try the public parks and shopping malls.

Not only are they fun to explore on your own, there’s lots of girls walking through here every day either while running errands or while taking a break from work.

Then when you see a particular girl who catches your eye, walk up to her quickly to start an interaction and hopefully get her number.

My two favorite parks in Santiago are:

  • Parco Arauco
  • Parque Metropolitano
  • In regards to the shopping malls and plazas, check out:
  • Mall Palto La Condes
  • Mall Portal la Dehasa
  • Vivo El Centro

Nightlife and dating

Chileans are fun-loving and outgoing people who like to party. The city of Santiago, as you can imagine, is built to accommodate this.

The city has an abundance of restaurants, bars, and clubs. You won’t even have the opportunity to check out every one of them. The culture here is also unique in that it is customary to begin a night of fun in the afternoon with tea. That’s why you’ll find lots of tea shops in areas with bars and clubs as well.

My favorite neighborhood for meeting women is Barrio Bellavista. Known as the ‘Bohemian quarter’ of Santiago, this is the city’s very soul for having a fun time.

It also provides you with the best opportunities for meeting Santiago women, and especially at night. Some of my favorite bars and clubs include:

  • Barrica 94
  • Club Ambar
  • Hangar Bellavista
  • Jardin Mallinckrodt
  • Loom Bar

Online Dating in Chile

Use online dating sites and apps to match with Chilean women (specifically in the city you’ll be visiting), and you can set up dates in advance before you even arrive.

If you go this route, my recommendation is to start using the apps at least two weeks before your arrival. That gives you ample time to secure matches and establish rapport.

Two of the most popular dating apps in Chile are LatinAmericanCupid and LatinWomanLove.


latin american cupid review

LatinAmericanCupid is an international dating site where most of the members come from Central and South American countries.

The site has millions of members (including thousands in Chile), and many of the girls here are looking for serious and long-term relationships. However, it’s not free to use.

LatinWomanLove is also always a viable option. However, the girls on here can be a bit flaky. Therefore, I’d recommend setting up at least two or three dates before you arrive if you want even one to happen.

Final Dating Tips to Attract A Chilean Woman

Here are my final dating tips for attracting a gorgeous and fun Chilean woman:

Be Well Groomed and Dressed

One of the best things you can do to attract the glances of Chilean girls around you is to simply put much effort into your appearance and what you wear.

You see, most foreign men don’t excel in this department. They look like ‘tourists’ if you know what I mean, and it makes them instantly stand out (and not exactly in the best way).

My advice is to look presentable. Ditch the Hawaiian-style shirt and cargo shorts for a nicer Polo and trousers. Keep your hair carefully combed and make sure you smell good. You’ll be surprised at how much this helps you.

Start the Conversation

Remember, Chileans embrace traditional gender roles. That means, as the man, you’re expected to take the initiative.

If you see a girl you like, the burden is on you to go and begin a conversation with her. You can ask her something simple like directions or the time to begin the interaction, but honestly, I wouldn’t beat around the bush.

Instead, just go up and talk to her. Ask her how she’s doing or what she’s up to, and when she asks why you walked up, be honest and say it was because she caught your attention.

Even better is when you can make eye contact with her and smile. If she smiles back, it’s an invitation to walk up.

Be Sincere

There’s nothing more Chilean girls appreciate than a sincere gentleman. That’s why I say you shouldn’t beat around the bush. Be straightforward in regards to why you’re talking to her.

Yes, maintaining an excellent appearance is important. But at the end of the day, she’ll look beyond your exterior appearance and at who you are as a person. Women want a man who is confident, honest, and who knows what he wants. So prove to her that’s who you are. 

Ready to Date a Chilean Woman?

Chile is worth a trip. The country is mountainous, modern, unspoiled, and truly unlike any other in South America.

Likewise, the girls here are also special. Expect the Chilean girl you date to be outgoing in terms of her personality, European-looking in her appearance, and ambitious regarding her career.


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