6 Best Dating Sites In Haiti

For those dreaming of dating Haitian women, the challenge often lies in sifting through the maze of online dating in Haiti.

If you’re serious about finding a connection with a Haitian girl, whether for local dating or international romance, here are the best dating sites in Haiti. Keep reading for more detailed reviews.

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1. HaitiDating.com – The Top Site For Haitian Dating

HaitiDating.com is the main dating site in Haiti! Launched in 2009, this friendly dating site welcomes everyone, whether you identify as straight, gay, non-binary, or anywhere else on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. What’s more, this is a no-judgment zone!

Good Stuff

  • All are Welcome: No matter your gender or who you like, you’re invited!
  • Real Profiles: They check each photo by hand. This means fewer surprises and more genuine connections.
  • Stay Private: Only signed-up users can peek at profiles, so your details are tucked away from the general public.
  • Chat and More: Got someone bugging you? Block them. Want to only see folks nearby? Filter by region. Feeling chatty? Dive into private conversations.
  • Find Your Match: You can do a simple search or dig deep with special filters to find your perfect match.
  • On the Go?: They’ve got apps for both iPhones and Androids.

Some Concerns

  • Watch Out for Fakes: Because they don’t ask for an email double-check when you sign up, some sneaky fake profiles might pop up.
  • Wanna Stand Out?: With so many users, you might need a paid membership to shine bright.

Joining the Fun

Signing up takes a bit of time. Be ready to fill out more than 10 spots on their form.

Finding Friends (or More)

To look for your new best friend or date, start with the basics: gender, age, photos, and who’s online. If you want to get more picky, go ahead! And if you’re feeling fancy, you can pay a bit to bump your profile to the top.

Saying Hello

Once you’ve spotted someone interesting, send a chat or a message. You can share emojis, virtual gifts, and more to break the ice.

Cool Extras

  • Checked Photos: Peace of mind knowing each photo gets a thumbs up from a real person.
  • Top of the List: A paid boost that makes your profile hard to miss.
  • Near Me: Handy filters to see who’s nearby.

Price and Paid Membership

This isn’t a free trial, and there’s no coin system. If you opt for a paid plan, remember it’ll auto-renew, so cancel if you change your mind.

  • One Month: $39.99
  • Three Months: $89.97
  • Half a Year: $149.94

My Take on HaitiDating.com

HaitiDating.com is a cozy spot to meet folks in Haiti. It’s especially cool if you value a space that welcomes everyone. The manual photo checks add a touch of safety. Yet, not having email checks might let a few fakes slip through. So, if you’re looking for an inclusive spot with lots of Haitian women, give HaitiDating.com a try!

2. CaribbeanCupid – Great Dating Site in The Caribbean

When it comes to online dating in Haiti and in the Caribbean islands, then CaribbeanCupid should be on your radar. It stands tall as one of the top sites for connecting with lovely Haitian singles. Just a quick search, and you’ll find thousands of profiles of Caribbean women between 21-45 years old. Although many members are from the bustling city of Port au Prince, you’ll also spot singles from quaint towns scattered across the country.

By the way, CaribbeanCupid isn’t just about Haiti. It’s like a melting pot of the Caribbean! You can meet folks from the Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and many more sun-kissed islands.

Getting Started is a Breeze!

Hop on board easily with CaribbeanCupid’s sign-up process. You can either hitch your Facebook account or go old school: punch in your name, gender, email, and set a password. A few more clicks to add some fun facts about you and your dream date, and boom! You’re in. If you’re in a hurry, it’s cool to skip some steps. But, heads up, the site might nudge you later to fill out those missing bits.

Finding Your Match

The site is like your personal matchmaking genie! Customize your search with 8 different views and sorting styles. Whether you fancy a quick photo scroll or a deep dive into full profiles, it’s your call. Super specific about your match? No worries. Filter by age, location, education, or even by keywords and tags.

Let’s Chat! Or… Can We?

Here’s the deal: You can wink, favorite, or visit profiles. But to chat? There’s a catch. If you’re a free member, your messages will appear blurry to the receiver. They need to be premium members to read them. So, for those deeper convos, it might be worth considering a paid membership.

Some Cool Features to Check Out

CaribbeanCupid’s got this neat message filter. Say goodbye to those pesky, unwanted messages. Set your preferences – age, location, habits, and more. Especially handy for ladies, given that their inboxes can get jam-packed.

What’s in It for You?

  • Standard Membership: Set up your profile, check out matches, send interests, and chat with premium members.
  • Gold Membership: All the above and more! Chat with everyone, enjoy ad-free browsing, and go incognito.
  • Platinum Membership: The VIP treatment! Top the search ranks, get highlighted, enjoy more profile space, message translations, and even some fancy matching algorithms.

What’s My Final Word on CaribbeanCupid?

CaribbeanCupid is a vibrant platform brimming with potential matches from Haiti and beyond. While the free version offers a taste, upgrading can open up a world of deeper connections. Dive in and explore the Caribbean dating scene!

3. eharmony – Best Site For Meaningful Relationships in Haiti

Even though eharmony isn’t mainly for people from Haiti or nearby places, you can find many members from the Caribbean. When you join, they try to match you with someone who shares a similar background. It’s like finding a friend who understands your favorite food or music!

Joining eharmony

eHarmony wants to connect people who will really like each other. So, they have a quiz with 150 questions. This quiz helps find someone perfect for you. Think of it like a fun game to find your new best friend or future partner.

Now, this quiz takes time. I remember trying it a few years ago. It felt like a school test and took about 30 minutes! But if you’re looking for real love, this is a great step.

Finding Your Match

After you’re done setting up, eharmony will show you people they think you’ll like every day. It’s like getting a surprise present daily! But remember, finding the perfect friend or partner can take time.

Chatting on eharmony

How you talk with others depends on your member level. The more you’re involved, the more ways you can chat. It’s kind of like playing a video game where you unlock more levels the more you play.

What Makes eharmony Special?

eharmony’s goal is to find you a friend or partner for life. So, no need to worry about fake people. It’s like a trusted friend introducing you to other cool friends.

Membership Levels

  1. Basic Plan: This is the starter pack. You can see photos, chat, and see who checked your profile.
  2. Total Connect Plan: You get everything from the first plan, plus some extras. You can get a detailed profile, prove you’re the real you, and even make safe phone calls.
  3. Premier Plan: This is the all-in-one package. If you feel it’s not working after a year, they give you another year to try. You can also take a break for three months. Plus, you get some special help from eharmony’s expert team.

My Two Cents on eharmony

If you’re serious about finding someone, it’s good to get a top membership. Think of it like investing in a toy; the more you spend, the better toy you get.

4. Rankontre – Popular Dating App in Haiti

Very popular on the dating scene in Haiti, Rankontre might just be your best pal. This app is super welcoming to everyone, making sure no one feels out of place or judged. Let’s break down what’s cool about it and what you should be aware of.

rankontre review

Top Features

  • Stay Private: Only registered users can see your profile. That’s a big plus for privacy.
  • Use Anywhere: Whether you’re on a laptop, phone, or tablet, Rankontre has got you covered. And guess what? They’ve got apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Find Your Match: The search filters help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Chat Away: With the instant messenger, you can chat in real-time. You even get to see when someone’s typing back to you.
  • Safety First: You need to confirm your email when signing up, which means fewer fake profiles to worry about.
  • Block and Rate: Not feeling someone? Block them. Like someone’s photo? Give it a thumbs up!

Things to Watch Out For

  • Photo Check: Photos aren’t checked manually, so stay alert for any that seem off.
  • Renewal Heads-up: If you get a paid membership, it auto-renews. Don’t forget to cancel if you need to!

Getting Started

Setting up your account is pretty simple. You’ll fill out a form with some details – it’s a bit longer than most, but that email confirmation helps keep things legit.

Finding Other Users

Hunting for potential matches? You can look for profiles based on basics like age and gender. Want to get more specific? They’ve got special search criteria too.

Chatting it Up

Chatting on Rankontre is a breeze. You can have private chats, send fun emojis, and see who’s online at the moment. And if you’re curious, you can see when someone’s busy typing a message back to you.

Neat Extras

  • Block Users: If you want to avoid someone, just block them from messaging you.
  • Online Buddies: The messenger shows you who’s online and ready to chat.
  • Rate Photos: Give photos a thumbs up or down for some fun interaction.


  • 1 Month: $12.55
  • 3 Months: $29.55
  • 12 Months: $99.55

Final Thoughts on Rankontre

Rankontre is a solid choice if you’re looking to connect in Haiti. The app’s friendly vibe, detailed search options, and nifty chat features make dating a lot more fun. Just remember about the photo thing and the auto-renewal. Price-wise, it’s reasonable. So, if you’re after genuine, diverse connections, give Rankontre a whirl!

5. Tinder – Swipe, Match, Chat With Haitian Singles

Started in 2012, Tinder lets you secretly give a thumbs up (or down) to other people’s profiles based on their pictures, little about-me notes, and things you both like. It’s kinda cool!

The magic happens with the “Swipe” thing they came up with. If you’re into someone’s profile, you swipe to the right. Not feeling it? Swipe left. The awesome part? If both of you swipe right, it’s a match! 🎉

Oh, and there’s this “Super Like” button. Imagine telling someone, “Hey, I really think you’re cool!” before they even notice you. That’s what it does!

Once you’re matched up, you can chat and see if you want to hang out in real life. Simple, right?

tinder review

What’s Cool About Tinder:

  • Super user-friendly.
  • Awesome way to meet folks.
  • Lots of freebies on it.
  • Let’s admit, swiping is kinda fun!

But, Keep in Mind:

  • You can’t really sort folks by what they’re looking for.
  • Some extras (like the Boost thing) might cost a bit.
  • Beware! The swiping? Super fun but kinda hard to stop.
  • Heads up! Just like any app, there might be a few not-so-nice people around. See someone acting weird? Block ‘em and let Tinder know.

Getting Started:

Setting up is a breeze! Use your phone number or even Facebook. And don’t worry, if you pick Facebook, Tinder keeps it hush-hush. They won’t post or mess with your data. It’s just a quick way to say, “Yup, that’s really me!” Plus, if there’s ever a glitch, getting back in is smoother.

Finding Matches

Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for in a date, start browsing on Tinder. Even if you haven’t uploaded a photo or filled out your profile, you can still swipe through potential matches. But, having a complete profile boosts your chances of getting matches. So, take a moment to set that up first. It could help you find someone special!

Decide how far you’re willing to search. You can pick a distance from as close as 1 mi (or 1 km if you’re not in the US) to 100 miles. And choose the age range, anywhere from 18 to 55+.

If you’re in a big city like Port-au-Prince in Haiti, there are lots of nearby people. So, you can search closer. But if you’re somewhere quieter, you might need to look farther away.

Chatting with Matches

When someone likes you back on Tinder, it’s called a match. And guess what? You can chat with them right away! But remember, a match doesn’t always mean they’ll chat back. Some people just like to browse and choose who to chat with later.

Starting a conversation can be as simple as saying “Hello!” But if you want a better chance at a reply, maybe ask a question or mention something you noticed in their profile. Funny GIFs also make fun conversation starters.

When you chat, be engaging. Instead of just saying “yes” or “no,” share a bit more. Ask them questions too. It makes the conversation fun and lively.

Thinking of meeting up? There’s no set time for when you should. But it’s a good idea to meet sooner rather than later. That way, you can see if the spark is there in person.

Cool Features on Tinder

Everyone’s talking about swiping these days! And Tinder’s stepped up its game by introducing some nifty features for its users. Let’s dive in!

First off, there’s the “Super Like.” With this, someone can see right away that you’ve given them the thumbs up. And guess what? You get one of these for free every day!

Want to keep your profile a bit private? There’s an option for that! Choose “Control Who Can See Your Profile.” This lets you decide if everyone can see your profile or just the ones you’ve given a ‘yes’ swipe to.

Here’s a cool one: “Smart Photos.” This feature uses a super-smart system to rearrange your photos. How does it decide? It’s based on how users swipe on them. So, your best photos are always upfront, catching more eyes.

And, of course, there’s the basics like blocking not-so-nice users and keeping your info safe and secure.

Thinking of going premium? Here are some perks you’ll enjoy:

  • Boost: This is a biggie. Use it, and you’re on top of the user list for half an hour! You’ll be seen ten times more and have better chances of finding a match.
  • Swipe Rewind: Oops, did you accidentally swipe left on Mr. or Ms. Right? Or maybe swiped right on someone you didn’t mean to? No worries! With this, you can go back and take a second look.
  • Passport: Traveling soon? Use this feature to swipe and chat with folks in your destination. The best part? You can swipe anywhere globally, but it still shows your home as your location.
  • Unlimited Right Swipes: With the basic version, you get 100 right swipes daily. But if you’re in a bustling place and love swiping, that’s not enough. Go unlimited with the premium plan!
  • No ads: Yup, you heard that right. Swipe without any pesky ads getting in the way.
  • Hide Distance: Some people consider distance when swiping. But if you want to keep that a secret, especially with the Passport feature, you totally can!
  • Hide Age: Age is just a number, right? If you don’t want others to see yours, hide it.
  • See Recently Active: Curious about who’s been active among your matches? This feature’s for you.
  • See Who Likes You: Before you even start swiping, you can take a peek at who’s already given you a like.
  • Top Picks: This is a curated list of profiles for you, handpicked based on Tinder’s own magic formula, instead of the usual lineup.

Here’s What You Get with Tinder Memberships

Tinder Plus:

  • Unlimited Right Swipes: Keep swiping until your heart’s content.
  • Swipe Rewind: Oops! Swipe back if you changed your mind.
  • No Ads: Say goodbye to those annoying interruptions.
  • 5 Super Likes Per Day: Show someone they’re extra special.
  • 1 Boost a Month: Stand out from the crowd.
  • Passport: Connect with people from different corners of the world.

Tinder Gold:

  • Everything in Tinder Plus and…
  • See Who Likes You: Find out who’s got an eye on you.
  • Recently Active: Catch active members easily.
  • Top Picks: Get a selection of top profiles.

My Verdict on Tinder

Tinder is super user-friendly. Jump in and start swiping! It’s a cool way to connect with new faces near or far with Passport. Whether it’s love in Haiti or just a new pal, there’s a world to discover on Tinder. Just be patient and enjoy the journey!

6. Badoo – Your Last Option

Badoo is a popular dating site that started in 2006. If you’re looking at trying it out in Haiti, here’s a heads-up: the site has tons of profiles, but many don’t seem genuine. It’s a popular place, which means the most attractive profiles get loads of messages. If you send a message, there’s a chance it might get overlooked.

Still, if you’ve tried other dating sites and need more options, why not give Badoo a shot?

badoo latin review

Getting Started

Starting is easy. Enter basic details like your name, birthday, gender, and where you live. Alternatively, sign up using Facebook or your email. Badoo will ask what you’re there for: making friends, chatting, or finding dates.

They also offer linking with Twitter and importing friends from your email. Once set up, dive into browsing profiles!

Finding Matches

There are two simple ways to find a match: “Encounters” and “People Nearby”.

  • “Encounters”: This gives you one profile at a time. Like what you see? Click the heart. Not your type? Click “X”. If both you and the other person like each other, the site lets you know.
  • “People Nearby”: This feature lets you scroll through profiles in your vicinity.

Chatting and More

Click on a profile to see their pictures, have a chat, add them to your favorites, or send a virtual gift. But remember, you’ll need your own profile to see others’ full details. Also, to know where they are, you’ll need to turn on your device’s location service.

An odd thing? Badoo lets you know who likes you back, but only if you invite friends through email. Inviting through Facebook or Twitter might have felt more natural.

Special Features

Badoo boasts a sleek design befitting its status as a globally recognized site. You can upload photos and videos, making it feel like a social media platform sometimes. But at its heart, Badoo is a dating site.

What stands out is its focus on popularity. Profiles get ranked based on likes from visitors. Interestingly, members can even pay to boost their visibility.

Membership Tiers

  • Free: Sign up, make a profile, browse, add favorites, and chat.
  • Platinum: See popular members, boost your profile’s visibility, and enjoy all “Super Power” perks.
  • Super Powers: Find out who’s into you, change your previous likes/dislikes, go invisible, and chat with fresh or top-rated users.
  • Paid Extras: Boost your local visibility, send chat stickers and virtual “gifts.”

Final Word on Badoo

In short, Badoo provides a user-friendly experience with its mix of features and worldwide community. But a word of caution: I’ve come across fake profiles. Stay alert and smart when using the site.

Ready To Connect With Haitian Singles?

First, let’s have a quick look back at what we covered in this guide:

  • Get to know the culture first: Start by learning everything you can about Haitian dating customs and traditions. This will not only prevent cultural misunderstandings but also help you connect more deeply with your Haitian date. We wrote a very complete guide to dating Haitian women.
  • Stay true to yourself: Haitians value sincerity. Be genuine in your approach, and you’ll have a better chance of meeting someone who truly aligns with your values.
  • Choose your dating platform wisely: Remember, all dating sites don’t have the same quality. Follow our suggestions to ensure you’re communicating with real people genuinely seeking love and connection.

Excited to add some Caribbean flair to your romantic endeavors? Sign up with HaitiDating.com or one of the other recommended Haitian dating sites and embark on your adventure to find love in the mesmerizing land of Haiti. Bonne chance!

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