Where To Meet and Date Girls In Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Ready to meet gorgeous Buenos Aires girls? Discover the best locations to connect with local singles, and learn the secrets to winning their hearts.

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The most visited city in South America and the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is also considered to be the cultural center of the country and has much to offer from its architecture, food, culture, and people.

But you’re here to find out what it’s like to date in this city, right? Well, when it comes to dating in Buenos Aires, I have to warn you that while Argentinian girls there are renowned for their beauty, they also have a reputation for being harder to impress than girls from other Latin American countries.

A part of this is because Argentina does not have as big of a hook-up culture as other countries in South America do. The second reason is that the women of Buenos Aires just aren’t that into foreign Western men like other Latina girls are.

For these reasons, dating in Buenos Aires may be a bigger challenge than you may have expected. But don’t worry, I am here to share with you everything I have learned about dating Argentinians in the capital!

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This dating guide takes a look at:

  • Where to meet single women in Buenos Aires during the day.
  • The best bars and nightclubs in the city where you can pick up girls.
  • A few dating tips to help you succeed with sexy porteñas.
  • The best places where to take your date.

Meeting Buenos Aires Singles During the Daytime

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As I mentioned, Argentinian girls are absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately, they are not as into Western guys as you would hope.

With a lighter skin complexion and a distinctly European look given to them by their Italian and Spanish ancestors, most European and American guys are significantly less exotic in Argentina than in other South American countries. 

If you expect the chick you approach on the street to fall for you right away simply because you’re a gringo or hold a Western passport, think again!

Still, there are plenty of hot women for you to approach, and you should embrace the excitement of walking up to a girl without being sure whether she’ll agree to go out with you.

The best areas for meeting single girls during the daytime are Palermo and Recoleta, especially Avenida Santa Fe and Avenue de Mayo. 

Shopping Malls

Naturally, your best bet for running into lots of beautiful girls is in crowded places like shopping malls and plazas.

The best malls to check out in the city are:

  • Galerias Pacifico
  • Recoleta Urban Mall
  • Patio Bullrich
  • El Solar Shopping
  • Alcorta Mall

You’ll find plenty of girls here, but remember that most will be working during weekdays, so you’ll need to make your approach fast and to the point.


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Parks And Other Outdoor Areas

Argentinian girls love nature and being outdoors, so parks, public gardens, and the old port are excellent for meeting singles in Buenos Aires.

Check out these places:

  • The Botanical Gardens
  • Parque Lezama
  • Parque Centenario
  • Barrancas De Belgrano
  • Puerto Madero Waterfront
  • The Buenos Aires Eco-Park

If you’re lucky enough to get a girl interested in you, a gondola ride on Puerto Madero makes for a romantic date!

Landmarks And Tourist Attractions

Visiting tourist areas gives you a chance to meet both local women as well as foreigners getting to know the city.

The following museums and tourist attractions are great for meeting new people or for impressing a girl on a date:

  • Museo Nacionales de Bellas Artes
  • The Sunday fair in San Telmo
  • Palacio Baloro
  • The Water Company Palace

Meeting Women In Buenos Aires At Night 

meet girls at night in buenos aires

Besides not being into American or European men as much as girls from other Latin American countries, Buenos Aires women are also less likely to sleep with you on your first date or after your first meeting. 

That’s because Argentina has a much smaller casual sex culture. Yes, it does happen, but just less frequently than in other South American countries.

That said, the nightlife in Buenos Aires is vibrant and exciting, and there are plenty of nightclubs and bars throughout the city, all full of locals eager to have fun!

Even if the girl you end up talking to is not up for going back to your hotel room that night, you can still forge a connection with her and set up a date for later in the week. 

The nightclubs in Buenos Aires run late, and most get busiest between 2 AM to 4 AM. 

The best neighborhoods to be in for the clubs and bars are:

  • Palermo & Plaza Serrano
  • Soho
  • Reloceta
  • San Telmo

Best Buenos Aires Clubs

  • Brook Palermo Club & Lounge
  • Verne Club
  • Niceto Club
  • Club Severino
  • Bayside
  • Terrazas del Este
  • Rosebar
  • Club V

Most of these clubs attract a younger crowd in the 18-25 age range, and the male-to-female ratio is usually even.

Best Bars In Buenos Aires

  • Doppelganger Bar
  • Pachá
  • Alvear Roof Bar
  • Frank’s
  • Dársena
  • Bar 878

Meet Argentinian Women Online 

One of the best ways to secure dates with girls in Buenos Aires is to set them up before you even arrive. You can accomplish this through Argentina dating apps and websites, the best of which is LatinBeautyDate.com. 


The reason LatinBeautyDate should be your first option is that it has a huge pool of members from Buenos Aires and also draws girls who are more likely to want to date a foreign man. 

Just stay on your guard for gold diggers and make sure you’re going out with a girl who legitimately wants the experience of dating a Western man rather than just really wanting what’s in his wallet.  


If you’ve already tried dating local girls in person and online with little to no success, LatinAmericanCupid.com may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

With thousands of singles from all major Argentinian cities (as well as other Latin countries), meeting like-minded singles in Buenos Aires shouldn’t be a problem.

The free version of the site allows you to browse profiles and curate a list of people you want to contact. The paid (premium) membership will unlock the best features of the site, giving you access to functions that will bring the right Argentine women to you.

Popular Spots for a Date

date a woman from buenos aires

As we already mentioned, Palermo is probably the best location in Buenos Aires to take a girl out.

If you are looking to have a romantic dinner and spend an extra buck, you can choose between the many fine-dining eateries such as:

  • Mishiguene
  • The Argentine Experience
  • Cabernet
  • Tegui
  • La Mar
  • Don Julio

If you want to be more spontaneous, there are hundreds of other chic restaurants ready to make your Friday night unforgettable.

Shopping on Florida Street is a surprisingly good idea for a day outing with a Buenos Aires girl. If she is a good match, you can treat her to a few pieces of luxury brand clothing and grab an afternoon coffee in between shop-hopping.

However, as I’ve already mentioned multiple times, these women aren’t necessarily impressed with foreign guys. In other words, there is a good chance spending money and renting the latest sports car won’t convince attractive girls to choose you over local men.

Luckily, most women would love to see your romantic or adventurous side and meet you on a deeper level anyway. A great way to show you are nothing like the inch-deep local guys is to take her on a different type of date.

You can go for a peaceful walk at a local park, such as Parque 3 de Febrero, invite her for tango classes, see an exhibit at Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, or take a trip to one of the many nearby ranches.

Buenos Aires is among the most versatile cities in Latin America and offers something for everyone’s taste and pocket.

Final Tips For Dating In Buenos Aires 

Here are some final tips for dating an Argentinian girl that you should know:

Clubs Are Your Best Bet for Meeting Women

Although there are plenty of opportunities to meet cute women during the daytime, clubs are still the best place to enjoy the company of the locals. Just note that nightlife in the city starts way after 2 AM.

If you decide to go clubbing on a weekday in Buenos Aires, expect the crowd to be a lot younger, with an average age between 18 and 23.

There is no particular dress code since it is always very hot. Some clubs won’t allow jean shorts and tank tops, but they also don’t require a collared button-up. Otherwise, you are good to enter in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Make Plans Fast

Remember, women from this country will not be as eager to go out with you as the women from Rio in Brazil, Cali in Colombia, or other Latin countries. 

As a result, your best bet for going out with her will be to make plans fast. If possible, try to set up a date on the same night or evening of the day you meet. 

Follow Up Fast

Be sure to follow up very fast with the girl you just met after getting her number. Text her within the hour and try to set up plans as fast as you can after establishing rapport. If you wait a day or two, you’ll miss your chance.

Learn Some Spanish

Most girls in Argentina and Buenos Aires speak English, but if you really want to win them over, you should speak Spanish, or at least try to.

Many tourists who are looking for a one-night stand have no time to play games and try to meet women strictly for sex. If you want to stand out among them, learn a few words in Spanish, and you’ll see her guard coming down a lot faster.

Safety First

And last but not least on this Buenos Aires dating guide, be careful and aware of scams. It’s a large city, and people are still trying to make an easy extra buck.

There are always girls who will try to get “compensation” after a night out and greedy taxi drivers who will try to charge you extra. Just stay on your guard, don’t carry too much cash with you, and don’t get too wasted on a night out.

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