How to Flirt in Spanish: 50+ Easy Spanish Pick-Up Lines

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Ready to flirt in Spanish? Discover 50+ simple pick-up lines to charm your way into the hearts of your crushes. Boost your romantic skills today!


Have you ever heard someone expressing their love in a foreign language and felt like your heart was going to melt?

While love is a universal language, many consider Spanish the most romantic language in the world.

Even if it’s only a few Spanish pick up lines, they can make you fall in love with your partner repeatedly when used at the right moment.

Your words of seduction will have an even greater impact and effect on your significant other if they come from a Spanish-speaking background.

But enough of talking. Let’s get to learning! Here are some easy-to-learn seductive phrases in Spanish that your partner won’t be able to resist.

How to Say “Flirt” in Spanish


Let’s first learn the Spanish ways of saying “to flirt.”

Spanish speakers, whether from Spain or Latin American countries, don’t really use “flirt” as a noun, like in “Your brother is such a flirt.” There is a literal translation – “coqueto/a,” but it’s rarely used. And rightly so, because it also has a secondary meaning, which describes someone pretentious.

If this is too hard to remember, go ahead and say “flirt” while speaking Spanish because it’s one of the most frequently borrowed words from the English language.

And while you won’t hear “flirt” as a noun or adjective much, you’ll notice its presence as a verb.

“To flirt” directly translates into “coquetear.” The “-ar” suffix places it in the first group of regular verbs, which are also easy to conjugate and learn. Some “Spanglish” speakers also use “flirtear,” which has been adopted and adapted from English.

If you like flirting with beautiful women, you could say something like, “Me gusta coquetear/flirtear con mujeres hermosas.”

“Coquetear” has two other synonyms – “ligar” and “seducir.” These words are not perfect matches, but as romantic expressions, they describe similar actions.

“Ligar,” especially in Latin American countries, has a more casual, lighter meaning.

“Seducir,” on the other hand, just like its English cognate, “to seduce,” refers to a stronger, more bold action, and you shouldn’t use it to describe a light flirt.

Remember that listening is your best friend when you decide to learn Spanish or any other language. Pay attention to when and how native speakers use these words and phrases and try to apply them in similar situations.

Flirting in Spanish – How to Approach Someone


Practice makes it perfect, but before you go into action, it’s better to have a couple of phrases in your “pocket” to help the situation go as smoothly as possible.

I’d suggest you save bold pick-up lines for later when you build up some confidence in your Spanish-speaking skills.

Start “safe” by saying, “Disculpe, yo soy (insert your name here). ¿Puedo tener su nombre?” It’s a simple, foolproof phrase that goes by well.

Another classic one is to ask for the time, “¿Que hora es?” But remove your watch, or say, “Necesito recargar mi teléfono,” (I need to recharge my phone) before you ask this “unintentional” question.

Also, don’t forget that “el idioma español” is a flirting language, and compliments are always welcome. You can approach a gorgeous Latina by complimenting her beautiful smile, “Tienes una sonrisa preciosa.”

And for all the players out there, you can lay your game by saying. “Tantas curvas, mami y yo sin frenos. Te quiero.”

You’ll either get her number or a nasty side-eye. Go big or go home! Right?

Flirting in Spanish – How to Start a Conversation

Imagine the following situation. You see a nice lady sitting at the bar; you approach her and say, “Hola, ¿está ocupado este asiento?”. If you are lucky enough, you’ll hear, “No, adelante.”

Now that you are “in,” offer her a drink – “¿Qué estás tomando?”

By now, she has probably figured out you are not a local, so that you can expect something like, “¿De dónde eres?”. To which you should reply, “Soy de (insert country here).”

I bet there will be a little bit of “Spanglish” here and there, but if you like this girl, go ahead and tell her, “Me caes bien.”

You can also say, “Cada minuto me gustas más,” and you would be telling her that you like her more and more with every passing minute!

If you want my two cents, I’d say be upfront! When looking for a casual hookup, say, “La verdad es que busco algo casual,” or if you want to be blunt, “No busco amor, busco sexo.”

But the bar is not the only place you will meet native speakers. Maybe you are new in town and don’t know any great places besides the usual tourist traps.

In this situation, you could ask someone to show you the city this week – “¿Podrías mostrarme la ciudad esta semana?”

If things go well and you feel like they could be more than a friend, ask your “tour guide” out on a first date by saying, “Me gustaría llevarte a una cita.”

Makes sense?

Spanish Pick-Up Lines to Catch Someone’s Attention


Imagine someone caught your attention, and you’d want to get to know them. What’s the right way to approach this person?

We already discussed how the “good boys/girls” do it. Now, let’s see how the bolder ones roll.

First things first. These are red-blooded, passionate people, but no one like a nasty mouth. Stay classy at all times if you want to score someone nice.

On the flip side, funny pick-up lines are excellent ice-breakers and make people laugh. Here are a few examples.

  • “Si la belleza fuera delito, estarías 100 vidas en la cárcel.”
    If beauty were a crime, you’d be in prison for a hundred lives.
  • “Debo estar muerto/a porque estoy viendo angelitos.”
    I must be dead because I’m seeing angels.
  • “Mami, si cocinas tal como te mueves, me comeré el menú complete.”
    Honey, if you cook as well as you move, I will have the entire menu.

You can also play “confused” and ask them if you’ve met before – “¿Te conozco de antes?
or if they come here often – “¿Vienes aquí a menudo?”

You can also be a smarta$$ and ask for their number right away – “Perdí mi número. ¿Me das el tuyo?”

Remember, it’s all in the delivery!

Spanish Flirting Lines to Keep the Conversation Going

Now that you’ve broken the ice and started talking, you probably want to keep the conversation going. The best way to grab her attention would be to focus on her and the things she likes.

“¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre? ¿Tienes un hobby?” – If you want to get to know your love interest better, ask her what she does in her free time.

If you believe it could get you closer, you can ask to join her – “¿Puedo acompañarte?”

Usually, these are public activities like dance classes or going to the movies, but they can also melt the language barrier.

“Me encanta esta cansion. ¿Quieres bailar conmigo?” – I love this song. Would you like to dance with me?

When you finally gather the courage to ask her out, you could say something like, “¿Te gustaría salir conmigo?”

How to Flirt in Spanish by Complimenting Someone

Compliments will get you places in pretty much any language, but you have to admit, they sound smoother in Spanish. At least they do to me!

Anyway, if you are taking your Latina out for a romantic dinner, and you notice she’s put a lot of effort into looking amazing for you, you have to say something. Trust me; she’s counting on those compliments! Here are some of the classics:

“Te ves muy bonita.– You look very pretty.

“Estas muy guapa.” – You are very beautiful. (Puts more accent on the physical, the clothes, the style, the fit.)

“Me encanta tu sonrisa.” – I love your smile. (If you want to show your romantic side.)

If you’ve already moved things to the bedroom, you could go bolder and let her know how much she turns you on.

“Ay Dios Mio, me vuelves loco.” – Dear lord, you’re driving me crazy.

Even the simplest “te quiero(I want you) will do the trick!

Cheesy Flirting Lines in Spanish

It seems that Latinos have perfected flirting to the point it has become an art form. Their sensual nature, in combination with the melodic Spanish language, creates a powerful weapon of seduction.

Put your flirt on and find someone you like. Once someone catches your eye, it’s time to take action.

You would be surprised that even the corniest pick-up lines sound like a sweet melody when said in Spanish.

Here are a few you can use:

  • ¿Te has perdida/o? Porque el cielo está bien lejos de aquí. – Are you lost? Because heaven is far from here.

Men usually use this one when they see a pretty girl, but women can also use it on a handsome guy! Regardless, if you say this to a person, you would call them an Angel!

  • ¿Crees en el amor a primera vista o tengo que volver a pasar? – Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

This one’s a classic, almost corny pick-up line, but it sounds so smooth in Spanish, right? Incredible how El Idioma Español can transform a cheesy line into a great conversation starter.

  • ¡Eres tan bonita que tu cumpleaños debería ser un día feriado! – “You are so beautiful that your birthday should be a national holiday!”

Do you want to tell a girl how beautiful she is? Well, say that her beauty deserves to be celebrated by the whole nation! Do it in Spanish – she won’t be indifferent. Promise!

  • Disculpa. ¿Qué hora es? Porque cuando estoy contigo pierdo la noción del tiempo. – “Excuse me, what time is it? Because when I’m with you, I lose track of time.”

Are you past the pick-up line and already enjoying a nice date? There is no better way to say you are having fun than to let your lover know you have forgotten everything and everyone else.

  • Hasta el sol siente celos de la forma en que brillas. – “Even the Sun feels jealous of the way you shine.”

Do you want to impress a girl? Let her know how unique and contagious her energy is. There is only one Sun, and there is only one of her! On top of it, you’ll say it in Spanish! There’s no chance she won’t love it.

  • ¿Me dejas tomarte una foto? Quiero enseñarle a Papá Noel lo que quiero para Navidad. – “Can I take your picture? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas.”

Do you want a more holiday-appropriate pick-up line? Something that will put a smile on your date’s face? Open the conversation in Spanish and show them your playful romantic side.

Spanish Love Words and Phrases for Your Sweetheart


Learning a few phrases in Spanish can spice things up for long-time partners and deepen their connection. It’s even easier if you already speak the language.

There is no need to feel shy and afraid of sounding silly. Spanish has that captivating power, making your partner appreciate your effort to learn something different.

Mix things up and flirt with your lover as true Latinos do!

  • ¡Tengo los ojos llenos de ganas de verte! – “My eyes are full of desire to see you.”

Are you missing your loved one and burning with the desire to meet again? Use this simple yet romantic line to let them know how much you crave to see and hold them. Then, let the Spanish do its magic and work in your favor.

  • Quería preguntarte algo, ¿Cuántas veces debo mirar tus labios para que sepas que quiero besarlos? – “I wanted to ask you something. How many times do I need to look at your lips for you to realize I want to kiss them?”

You are out on a hot date, the conversation is going great, sparks are flying everywhere, the temperature is rising, and all you can think about is kissing those lips. Why don’t you turn it up a notch and ask for permission in Spanish?

  • ¡Estoy enamorado/a de ti! – “I am in love with you!”

Nothing beats saying I Love You in Spanish. It’s so simple yet so effective. Say it gently and with passion like the smoothest Latin lover, and watch them melt in front of your eyes.

  • Me encanta tu sonrisa. – “I love your smile.”

It’s unbelievable how four short words can make up your loved one’s day. Learning to say this line in Spanish doesn’t take much effort, but it will make a difference. It’s loving and flirtatious at the same time. It’s perfect for someone you care a lot for.

  • El sabor de tus labios es mi sabor favorito. – “The taste of your lips is my favorite flavor.”

Red-blooded Latinos know that being in a relationship doesn’t mean you should stop flirting with your sweetheart. Instead, let them know how much you crave them and why you fell in love with them in the first place. Telling your significant other how much you like the taste of their lips will make them feel wanted and desired.

  • Te Necesito, mi amor.  – “I need you, my love.”

If you are deeply in love with your partner, you do not want to run out of unique ways to express it. I bet saying it in your language doesn’t have the same effect as saying it in Spanish. Give it a try; it may heat things up and relight the fire!

Are You Ready to Flirt in Spanish?

Now that you know how to flirt in Spanish, it is time to take your chance at dating a Latina! Read our latest guides to find a Latina girlfriend.

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