Colombian Flirting Phrases To Level Up Your Dating Game

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Master Colombian flirting phrases to captivate your love interest! Discover the words that unlock hearts, and elevate your dating experience.

learn how to flirt with a colombian

Latin America and Colombia have a lot to offer – Salsa, biodiversity, cultural heritage, coffee, chocolates, and of course, beautiful people! The country is best enjoyed with a local partner, exchanging Colombian flirting phrases while you’re at it.

In this article, we’ve put together some popular flirting phrases that would spice up your dating experience with a Colombian. 

flirting in colombia spanish

Talking to people in their language creates an instant connection that other languages do not achieve. If you are a foreigner, your exotic accent will make these Colombian love phrases sound sexier and help you connect with the locals.

This article takes a look at 35 awesome phrases you can use to flirt with your Colombian girlfriend, boyfriend, or the love interest you just met!

How to break the ice

Paint a picture, you are sitting at the beach bar sipping on a refreshing cocktail, and a gorgeous girl/guy catches your eye.

You’ve worked up the courage to go up to them, but what do you say? How do you break the ice and introduce yourself?

Don’t take a good ice-breaker for granted. If you play your cards well and avoid sounding like a nervous rookie, a sweet compliment or two can get you a long way. All you need is to find the right words.

And you are probably thinking, “How hard it could be?” but Colombians are big flirts, so if they are willing to play, you better be ready to ace the game.

Start easy with a light compliment or a funny (not corny) pick-up line, and take it up from there with something more daring. Feel your crush’s pulse. Make them smile, but not laugh at you.

Now that you know you will have to take your flirting game to the next level, you also need to know how to.

So, without further ado, let’s walk the talk. Here is a list of some of the best conversation-starters:

  • ¡Qué hermosa(o) eres! – How cute you are!
  • Tienes unos ojos muy bonitos. – Your eyes are very beautiful.
  • ¡Bailas muy bien!¿Puedes enseñarme? – You dance very well. Can you teach me?
  • ¿Eres de por aquí? No creo haberte visto antes. – Are you from around here? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.
  • ¿Puedo invitarte a una copa? – Can I buy you a drink?
  • ¿Qué hace una estrella volando tan bajito? – What is a shooting star doing flying so low?
  • ¿Hace calor aqui, o eres tù? – Is it hot in here or is it just you?
  • Me encanta tu sonrisa. – You have a beautiful smile.
  • Perdí mi número. ¿Puedo tener el tuyo? – I lost my number, can I have yours?
  • Tanta carnita sin papita! – So much meat without any potatoes.

Everyday cute love phrases to use in Colombia

  • Mi amor – Even though its literal translation is “My Love,” you would see shopkeepers, cab drivers, tourist guides, and the like using it. It is a good phrase to add to your Spanish vocabulary.
  • Me gusta tu sonrisa – This translates into “I like your smile”—a good phrase to impress your date with.
  • Me gustan tus ojos – “I like your eyes”—the perfect way of saying you’re into them on those romantic evenings.
  • Bailas muy bien – “You dance very well.” Dancing and Salsa are inseparable in Spanish-speaking countries. Next time you are dancing Salsa with a Colombian local, use this phrase to show off your Spanish language skills!
  • Estás muy guapa(o) — “You are very pretty/handsome.” When you like what you see, make sure they know it!
  • Cariño — There are many ways to say “sweetheart,” but this one is particularly loving.
  • ¡Me encanta tu vibra! — Colombians are happy people who enjoy making new friends. Saying, “I love your vibe,” will be enough to let them know you are enjoying their company.

What verbs to use to describe your passion

If you struggle to find the perfect words to express your feelings, always think in terms of verbs.

There are plenty of different ways to say you are into someone and some of the most common verbs used to describe affection are:

  • to love
  • to like
  • to adore
  • to admire
  • to desire
  • to miss
  • to want and more

All you have to do is be careful about using the verb appropriate for the situation. You don’t want to say you are “madly in love” with someone you just met.

Flirting in Colombian is a bit different than flirting in Spanish.

For example, in Spanish, “I love you” translates into “te amo.” Have you noticed that the subject pronoun is missing and the object pronoun comes before the verb?

Also, in Spanish, “I like you” sounds more like ”you please me.” When it comes to this verb, you’d like to be careful how you use it.

Please don’t say “te gusto” (see “te amo” example) because, in this form, it means “you like me” and will make you sound self-centered. Here, a different conjunction rule applies, and the best way to say it would be “me gustas.”

Additionally, have in mind that one verb or phrase can, but not always will, have the same meaning or intensity in two different languages, in this instance, English and Spanish.

If you have just started to learn Colombian Spanish and are not confident in your knowledge of the language to know what to say and what not to say, you need first to understand the intensity of different verbs. Here are some basic examples:

Level of IntensityVerb in Spanish
Very highEncantar/Apasionar/Volver loco/Volver loca/Fascinar/ Hipnotizar
MediumGustar/Admirar/Querer/Caer Bien

Sexy and intimate phrases and pick-up lines to use with your Colombian partner


Now we enter the tricky zone, and the first tip we have is not to throw these around loosely. These flirting words in Colombian Spanish, much like flirting in Brazilian Portuguese, carry varying degrees of naughtiness and intimacy, so do not use these unless you are sure. Don’t forget to show your interest in your body language, too!

  • Estar buena (hot chic) – You would hear this a lot as men use this to describe women. Be cautious not to use it while conversing with a lady, though. It is a part of street slang words, and you’d be perceived as a cheap person.
  • Estar bueno (hot guy) – A male version of estar buena, women use this a lot when discussing men in their girly groups. However, it should never be said directly to a man, as it nearly means an invitation for sex.
  • Mamacita/Papasito – The literal translation being “little mum/little dad” is a Spanish slang word for attractive women/men. These get thrown around in casual conversations a lot, but their acceptance depends on your company. While some women take mamacita as a compliment, others might be offended by it! As you would have guessed, men would have no problems being referred to as a papasito.
  • Bollo – A gender-neutral term that conveys someone is as tasty as food. Its use is dwindling, but the native speakers do understand it well. It doesn’t have any sexual indication, nor does it carry any mischief, making it safe for new learners to use.
  • Chimba — very popular but somewhat offensive word. Chiba is not the most romantic word since it is also a slang word for female genitals. Guys usually use it to describe a very hot, attractive woman.
  • Pintoso — In Colombia particularly, “Pintoso” describes a well-dressed man. There is no particular sexual connotation related to this Spanish word. Even other men (though shyly) use it to describe a good-looking man.

How to speak the cute way

Do you ever wonder why everything sounds better in Colombian Spanish? Why do men and women from around the world fall head over heels for Latinos/as? Why every time a Colombian opens their mouth, it sounds like music?

Well, the answer might hide behind the fact that in Spanish, everything can be made bigger or smaller without using additional words.

Latinos are notorious flirts and lovers, and they partially owe it to the language that allows them to make everything sounds sweeter and cuter.

So, let’s try it.

  • Instead of saying “ay, papi”, say “ay, papasito”
  • Instead of saying “ojos,” say “ojitos”
  • Instead of saying “boca,” say “boquita”
  • Instead of saying “corazon,” say “corazoncito”

You probably noticed the role of the word ending —ito in creating words’ “smaller” and “cuter” variations. However, this “trick” is not only for creating flirting vocabulary and slang. It’s also a major grammar rule in the Spanish language.

For masculine Spanish words:

1) if the word ends with “—o” you replace it with “—ito” for singular or “—itos” for plural nouns. For example:

  • cariño = cariñito
  • tesoro = tesorito
  • ojos = ojitos

2) If the word ends with a consonant or “—e”, add “—cito” for singular or “—citos” for plural nouns. For example:

  • bombon = bomboncito
  • corazón = corazoncito
  • joven = jovencito

For feminine Spanish words:

1) If the word ends with “—a”, you replace it with “—ita” for singular or “—itas” for plural nouns. For example:

  • vieja = viejita
  • casa = casita
  • almas = almitas
  • nenas = nenitas

2) If the word ends with a consonant or the vowel “—e”, you add “—cita” for singular or “—citas” for plural nouns. For example:

  • bebé = bebecita
  • canción = cancioncita
  • flores = florecitas

You can use the same way to make people’s names cuter. By adding the “—ito” word ending (or a variation of it), you get a sweeter version of your crush’s name. Colombians love all things cute and using a sweet nickname will put a smile on their face and buy you a few extra points. For example: “Cesar” becomes “Cesarito.”

  • “Rafael” becomes “Rafaelito
  • Carlos” becomes “Carlitos
  • Sara” becomes “Sarita
  • “Lucia” becomes “Lucita
  • “Elena” becomes “Elenita

Phrases to keep your partner interested

Colombia has a competitive dating environment where relationships can be fragile irrespective of how old they are. Guys compliment women all the time, and if you want to keep hold of your partner, you better add these flirtatious phrases to your arsenal.

  • Conquistar – Though it has its roots in Latin America’s invasions (conquests) centuries ago, the word has evolved to mean “winning over someone’s heart.” Be careful when using it, as the word is primarily used by Spanish-speaking guys who win girls over for one night!
  • Lanzarse (verb)/Lanzado (noun) – Lanzarse translates into “to hit on someone” or “to make a move with someone.” Lanzado, its noun form, is a common expression used for guys in a constant pursuit of girls.
  • Hacerse el – “Playing hard to get.” Men often use this to describe girls who do not reciprocate their efforts to attract them.
  • Darse picos – Pico or Beso means kiss. Darse picos translates into making out and usually describes couples who get up close and personal for the first time.
  • Motelear – These are sex motels where couples check into to get some privacy, away from the watchful eyes of their family members back home.
  • Comerse a alguien – Sleeping with someone
  • Estar tragado de alguein – This is a beautiful phrase that describes romance without referring to its physical aspect. When you fall for someone in more ways than purely physical, this is the phrase to describe it!
  • Quita novios – The literal meaning of this phrase is boyfriend stealer, and there are no complications attached to its use!
  • Montar/poner (los) cachos – Cheating in relationships is common in Colombia, and this phrase has evolved to describe that.
  • Te amo/te quiero/eres mi media naranja (you’re my half orange) – These are the words you say to express love, the “I love you” in Colombian Spanish.

Wrapping Up

This article serves as preparation for all Spanish learners hoping to visit a Spanish-speaking country.

With our list of cute, fun, and sexy flirting phrases, you are now all set to impress your Colombian lover. So don’t be shy anymore! Seduce her, and maybe one day, you’ll have the chance to marry a Colombian woman!

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