How to Get a Dominican Girlfriend: Best Tips and Sites

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By Victor Sala
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Looking for love in the Dominican Republic? Learn the best tips and top dating sites to find your dream Dominican girlfriend.

how to get a dominican girlfriend

Are you planning a trip to the Dominican Republic in the near future? If so, get ready to have fun!

This island country, which takes up the eastern half of Hispaniola, offers any visiting gentleman an excellent time with its:

  • soft golden beaches
  • hiking trails in the lush jungles
  • delicious food
  • vibrant and beautiful women

I’ve visited the Dominican Republic a few times in my travels as a remote freelancer, specifically venturing to the cities like Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata. Suffice to say, I have a little experience with Dominican girls, and I’m eager to share what I know with you.

Here are the top things to know if you want to have a Dominican girlfriend.

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Things to Expect When You Have a Dominican GF


In my humble opinion, and it’s an opinion shared by many other men, Dominican girls are among the most overlooked yet sexy in Latin American countries.

She’ll Have A Diverse Background

Most Dominican ladies are mixed-race (a mixture of white, black, and Native American) with a variety of skin complexions, ranging from very dark to very light. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect the girls in Santiago to have lighter skin and the girls in Santo Domingo to have darker skin.

She’ll Exude Sexuality

But what most Dominican girls have in common is how they exude sexuality through their bodies and personalities. That is why Dominican girls are seriously among the most underrated in Latin America and possibly even in the entire world.

Regardless of her skin color, your Dominican gf will probably have a curvy body. She’ll instantly attract you on your first gaze thanks to her lustrous appearance, and she’ll hold your attention with the way she looks and the way she moves.

She’ll Love To Look Feminine

Dominican ladies embrace traditional feminine characteristics such as sensitivity, seduction, and sweetness. They proudly flaunt their curves by choosing outfits like crop tops, shorts, and similar sexy attire. They know how youthful and groomed their skin looks and take every opportunity to show it off.

Dominican women are also happy to play second fiddle in a relationship, letting the man call the shots. They like men who lead in planning dates, making serious relationship decisions, and in bed!

She’ll Be Fun To Spend Time With

When dating a Dominican woman like most of the Caribbean women, expect her to have a very social and fun personality. They’re very talkative, social, and spontaneous.

Yes, some Dominican women are more reserved and relaxed, but in general, most are adventurous and outgoing. Despite this fun-loving nature, Dominican girls are also very family-oriented due to their culture and upbringing.

Chances are good she’ll spend all day Sunday with her family and likewise spends a fair amount of time helping to take care of the house and raise her younger siblings.

She’ll Know How To Handle Money

Large sections of Dominican societies face a resource crunch. Your Dominican gf learns frugality and resourcefulness from an early age. That makes them good partners to start a family with. When life gets tough, they can manage with limited resources without complaining.

You don’t have to worry about them overspending the family’s budget – these girls think twice before spending money! They are experts at maximizing what they have. Whether old clothes or discarded household stuff, they can turn those into something beautiful.

Where To Get a Dominican Girlfriend?

If possible, you should travel all over the Dominican Republic and spend time in each major city. It’s a smaller-size country, so this isn’t exactly unreasonable to do.

Some of the best cities to visit in the country to find a Dominican gf include:

  • Santo Domingo
  • Puerto Plata
  • Punta Cana
  • Santiago

In these cities, you can find girls to approach wherever you can find people. I suggest you check out the local shopping malls, cafes, beaches, and supermarkets.

Day dating in the Dominican Republic is easier than in other countries. As I mentioned earlier, the girls here are more open and receptive to foreigners. Meeting women during the day is almost always easier than approaching girls at night.


Because she’s more likely to be alone during the day. When she hits the bars or clubs at night, she’ll be in a group of friends you’ll have to approach together first.

Santo Domingo

I recommend focusing most of your time and effort on the capital city of Santo Domingo. Just a walk through El Conde and Zona Colonial will offer a good highlight of the female diversity around. The city reflects Dominican Republic’s rich history and culture, blending with its modern lifestyle.

Santo Domingo has everything, whether you are curious about history and culture or looking for a happening nightlife. Here are some popular places that gave me a decent shot at meeting single women in Santo Domingo:

  • Bellavista Mall
  • BlueMall
  • Zona Colonial
  • Agora Mall
  • National Botanical Garden

Santo Domingo offers a lot in terms of nightlife, but you must tread with caution. Like any other tourist city, you need to be careful of the prostitutes who get active after dark.

Here are some night hotspots to check out:

  • Mamma Club
  • Jet Set
  • Onno’s
  • Parada 77
  • Bio Bar

Punta Cana

Punta Cana has some of the most upscale beach resorts in the country, spread across the city’s 30 km coastline. It is a top holiday destination for local elites and the working class looking to unwind and have a good time.

If you are out during the day, head to Bavaro Beach and Macao Beach to find women enjoying their drinks and getting tanned. You have a better chance of meeting genuine single girls in Punta Cana during the day, as the night brings out more women with questionable motives. If you are done with the beaches, check out the following shopping areas and restaurants:

  • BlueMall Punta Cana
  • Ballicana
  • Downtown Punta Cana
  • Citrus
  • Jellyfish
  • San Juan Plaza Shopping Center

The night game also revolves around the beaches, so you can get straight to business without worrying about commute and safety. Head out to these nightclubs to have a good time:

  • Coco Bongo
  • Drink Point Bavaro
  • Oro
  • Legacy Disco
  • Imagine

Online Dating in The Dominican Republic

Online dating remains an excellent option for finding girls to date, including in the Dominican Republic. Many Dominican girls are extremely conscious of their social status in real life and on dating apps.

One of the best things about online dating apps is that you can set up a date before you even arrive in the country. I like to set up at least two or three, so I know before I even fly that I’ll have at least one date planned.

In terms of the best dating apps to use in the Dominican Republic, Tinder is an old standby that works fairly well. Yes, the girls are a bit flaky on here sometimes, but it offers a massive pool from which to score matches. or are great choices. In general, the girls here are looking specifically for Western men to hopefully forge a long-term relationship.

Note: be very cautious if a girl asks you for money or mentions financial problems. Chances are extremely good then that she’s not interested in your personality but rather your wallet.

Tips for Seducing Your Dominican Republic Girlfriend

mee women in santo domingo

Once you land yourself a hot Dominican date, the real challenge begins. Local women hold a foreigner in high esteem, but you need to up your game to live up to her expectations and make her fall for you. Keep these dating rules in mind to charm your lady and leave a lasting impression:

Dress to Impress

You only get one chance to make the first impression. Take advantage of it and up your dress code. A light-colored shirt, dinner jacket, casual trousers, and sneakers are usually a safe choice. Top it up with nice perfume and carry yourself with confidence.

Choose the Right Place

If you are in the early stages of courtship and unsure about her preferences, pick a multi-cuisine restaurant with a nice ambiance, dim lights, and light music. It will set the right tone and encourage conversation. If you know her well enough, opt for a place serving her favorite dish and a theme to complement the mood.

Buy Her a Present

Small tokens to mark your courtship are a good way to keep things interesting. You do not need to splurge – a bouquet of her favorite flowers with a well-thought-out present would be better than an expensive wine she has no taste for. If you are meeting around her birthday or a relationship milestone, take your game up a notch. It’s OK to spoil your girl on these occasions!

Comfort Her and Make Conversation

She is probably as nervous as you are. If you are not picking her up, get to the place before your agreed time and wait patiently. Settle down fast and make her comfortable as she arrives. A light, ice-breaking joke or a casual discussion about her day would be a good start. Stay focused on her without staring, and do not let your phone hijack your date!

Compliment Her

Girls like to dress up for special occasions. They like it more when their effort is appreciated and they get compliments. Make her the center of attention for the evening and compliment her for who she is. Notice the small nuances like how she’s done her hair, how she’s experimented with her outfit, and how lovely her smile is. It will make her day and let her know how much you are into her.

Dating Tips to Get a Dominican Girlfriend

date dominican republic girls

Your Foreigner Status Gives You Points…

Social status matters in the Dominican Republic. You’ll instantly stand out as an American, Canadian, or Eastern European man. There are lots of girls here eager to date handsome gringos, so this alone sets you apart from the local guys.

…but it Doesn’t Guarantee You’ll Get the Girl

That being said, you still have to invest much in your appearance and your social skills. Practice good grooming and personal hygiene, and please don’t dress like a tourist (if you know what I mean).

Walk confidently, and remember that the burden of performance is on you. If you see a Dominican girl you like, walk up and start the interaction. Don’t expect her to do it.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Corny pick-up lines and artistry gimmicks aren’t necessary for the Dominican Republic and, if anything, could be off-putting to her because it shows you’re trying too hard. Men and women embrace their traditional roles here, which is why there is a natural flow between the sexes.

Instead, just be yourself. Walk up, and ask her a question or make a remark to begin the interaction. If it goes well and you get her number, excellent! If not, there are plenty of more girls.

Take the Lead

This will be a surprise if you are a foreigner used to treating women equally. However, Dominican societies are built on traditional gender roles, and men are expected to make important decisions. In fact, if you are not the aggressive partner and give her space, independence, and freedom, she might consider you weak.

Plan your dates, get the check, decide where to take her out, pick her up and hold her firmly in public – these are the strong, masculine traits Dominican ladies expect in their men.

Learn Spanish

It is the country’s official language, and basic Spanish will give you a head start over other foreigners competing for the seductive native ladies. Though you will do OK with English, learning Spanish flirting lines will quickly break the ice with local ladies. Additionally, it shows them how interested you are in their country and culture. You’ll get brownie points for trying to learn, and you may buy more time with her by asking her to help improve your Spanish. Put all chances on your side if you want to get a Latina girlfriend.

Dancing Wins Extra Points

The country loves to dance, and once you start dating, your Dominican lady will take you to many parties and family events. Dominican cuisine, drinks, and dances are a common theme for any celebration – that’s where learning Salsa will come in handy. It is an intimate dance style and will strengthen your bond. It’ll also help you adapt to the festivities and look the part rather than watching awkwardly from the side.

Spoil Your Dominican GF

Women expect to be loved, cared for, protected, and pampered. You should always take care of your girl, helping her with the smallest decisions. Giving her flowers and thoughtful presents are always welcome. Occasionally, take her out shopping and plan your dates at luxurious restaurants to make her feel like a queen. It is an indication of how you’ll treat her in the future.

Humour is a Universal Attraction

Witty jokes are a universal hit across the globe. They lighten up the mood and show your humorous side – something women look for in their partners. The girls are usually fun to be around and are attracted to men who can make them smile. It is OK to crack a joke on yourself or share an embarrassing story – anything that’ll make her smile!

Final Thoughts on Dominican GF

date girls in santiago de los caballeros

I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the Dominican Republic. It’s a fun place, not only because of the tropical environment but also because of the fun-loving and spontaneous people who populate this little country.

The Dominican women here are sexy, curvy, and embracing their free-spirited natures. Pay a visit to the country to see what I mean. You won’t be disappointed!

Victor Sala

Hey, salsa lovers! I'm Victor, your Latin dating expert from Cali, Colombia. With a specific focus on Latin dating, my dual role as a coach and author allows me to offer practical, effective advice for overcoming shyness and social anxiety. My approach has successfully guided many single men to find their ideal partners in Latin America.

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