Cali Columbia Women: How to Meet Hot Cali Girls

Santiago de Columbia, also known as Cali, is the most populous city in southwestern Columbia. It is a sports center for the country and is well known as the ‘salsa capital’ of the world. 

If you plan on visiting Cali as a tourist, you’re in for an incredible treat. The girls in Cali are also strikingly beautiful and very approachable!

Here are the top tips on how and where to meet hot Cali Columbia women.

Dating in Cali During the Day 

Meet Girls From Cali In Colombia

Day game is more than possible in Cali because of the numerous opportunities you’ll have. Just know that Cali is not the safest city in the world, and it also gets scorching, so you may not want to spend more than a couple of hours out in the city at a time. 

Where to Meet Women During the Day

You can meet Columbian girls in Cali wherever you can find people, so this includes parks, shopping malls, plazas, restaurants, coffee shops, and so on. 

Cali Columbia girls are often in a hurry as they go about their day. That means you’ll need to act fast and be on your game if you want to score someone’s phone number. Since Cali is not the safest city, most girls do not want to spend more time than they need to away from home or work.

In general, the best neighborhoods to visit in Cali are Grenada or Barrio San Antonio. Both of these are safer than most other areas and offer a variety of hotels and hostels for travelers. Furthermore, the girls in these neighborhoods should be more willing to talk to you because they feel safer there and stand a higher chance of speaking English.

Specific Places

The best shopping malls to meet a Cali Columbia woman are:

  • Jardin Plaza Shopping Mall
  • Palmetto Plaza Shopping Mall
  • Chipichape Shopping Center. 

If you want to stay outdoors, check out museums or landmarks such as:

  • Museo La Tertulia
  • Cristo Rey
  • The Hill of the Three Crosses

Dating in Cali at Night

Nightlife In Cali

Since Cali is known as the salsa capital of the world, you can probably imagine that most of the city’s nightlife revolves around salsa dancing. There are many Cali Columbia nightclubs and bars that will provide you with ample opportunities for meeting and seducing Colombian girls

Where to Meet Women During the Night 

Bars, clubs, and anywhere with salsa dancing represent your best choices for meeting Cali Columbia girls at night. 

As noted before, Granada and Barrio San Antonio are the safest neighborhoods in the city with the most significant tourist presence, and both have lots of bars and clubs for you to visit. Since these areas both have a heavy tourist presence, there’s a good chance you can meet girls from other countries as well. 

Most girls in Cali will travel together in groups, primarily for safety reasons. As a result, if you see a girl you like, you’ll likely need to approach the group as a whole and gain their trust before you have the opportunity to speak to the one girl you like alone.  

Specific Places

Examples of the best bars in Cali Columbia include:

  • Jala Jala
  • Zaperoco
  • Bourbon St. Pub
  • El Faro Pizzeria Bar. 

The best clubs you can check out are:

  • Calenas Club
  • Dubai Nightclub
  • Lolas Clum Columbia
  • the Living Club
  • Club Columbia
  • Chango Club Discoteca

Meeting Cali Women Online

By meeting Cali women online, you can potentially get a date set up before you even arrive in the city. Online dating is arguably the best choice for meeting Cali girls that are willing to meet foreigners if your Spanish is limited. 

Tinder is a good option for meeting girls in Cali, but beware that many girls on the app will be ‘gringo hunters’ primarily interested in you for your money. 

If you want to meet more serious women, you should use, which is the largest dating app and communications platform for Columbia, or check those other options. On this site, you can meet plenty of girls who will be excited to meet and date a gringo without being solely interested in your wallet. 

Tips for Dating in Cali, Columbia 

Here are some final tips you can use for dating girls in Cali: 

Learn a Bit of Spanish  

The official language in Columbia is Spanish, and while there are fluent English speakers in the country, you are more likely to find those kinds of people in the bigger cities such as Medellin or Bogota. 

Learning at least basic phrases in Spanish will be hugely beneficial for visiting Cali. Girls will also appreciate you making an effort to learn their language, and you can have fun trying to communicate with each other.

Get to Know the Culture First  

Columbians are traditional, and the girl you meet is likely still living with her parents, grandparents, and siblings back home. If she wants you to meet them, it’s a clear sign that she’s highly interested in you.

Columbians are also well known for expressing themselves through dancing and physical movement. Brushing up on your salsa skills can go a long way to helping you with the ladies.  

Treat Women with Respect  

The number one way to win a woman’s trust in Columbia is to treat her with respect, so she feels comfortable around you. Girls often travel in groups, to bars and clubs, and they may not be willing to leave with a handsome gringo on the first night. 

You can make it clear that you are interested in her, but don’t push for going back to your hotel room on the first night. Instead, take things slowly and see what she’s comfortable with. 

Safety Tips   

Even though safety in Cali has improved significantly in recent years, you still need to be on your guard and watch out for muggings and pickpocketing.

Granada and Barrio San Antonio are the safest areas in the city, and you would be wise to keep yourself to either of these neighborhoods for the duration of your stay. Even so, consider traveling in groups and don’t walk alone at night (especially while drunk). 

Keep a few bills of cash in your front pocket, so if you are mugged or threatened by someone demanding money, you can quickly give it to them so they’ll hopefully continue on their way.

Wrapping It Up 

Cali is one of the best cities to visit in Columbia if you want to experience an authentic Columbian vibe and meet beautiful women. Keep the above tips in mind when you decide to visit the city, and you are guaranteed a good time. Stay safe, and have fun!

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