How to Get a Brazil Girlfriend: Best Tips and Sites

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Master the art of finding a Brazilian girlfriend! Discover proven tips, cultural nuances, and the best sites to find your perfect match. Begin your journey now!

how to get a brazilian girlfriend

If you’re planning to take a trip to Brazil soon, read carefully.

Brazilian women are among the most beautiful in Latin America, and I’m fortunate enough to have met and gone out with a few during my worldly travels.

If you want to get a Brazilian girlfriend when you’re there, I have some ideas you should know.

Keep reading to find out my top tips for getting a Brazilian girlfriend.

We’ll cover:

  • What you need to know about having a Brazilian girlfriend
  • The best places to meet beautiful Brazilian women
  • My top tips to make your Brazilian girlfriend happy

Let’s get started!

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6 Things You Need to Know About Having a Brazilian Girlfriend

Do Brazilian women make great girlfriends?

Yes, they certainly do! There are also a few things you should know about what sets them apart from other women in the world.

Here’s what I’ve found through my experiences:

Brazilian Women Are Loyal…But Also Jealous


One of the best things about Brazilian girls is their loyalty to the men they love. But this loyalty can also turn into jealousy. There’s always at least a little bit of jealousy in any relationship. It shows that you don’t want to lose your partner and can help you build trust.

Brazilian girls, however, can sometimes take jealousy to a different level. They won’t tolerate you talking with other girls at all (at least when it comes to personal conversations), and even glancing at other gorgeous women in her presence could get you in trouble.

That is mainly because Brazilian girls are always suspicious that their men may cheat on them. But cheating is unfortunately pretty common in Brazil, so this suspicion is not exactly unwarranted.

She Won’t Like It if You Want to Go Somewhere Without Her

It is common for men to have an all-guys evening at a bar or at someone’s place in the western world. Not if you are dating a Brazilian woman. The idea of you hanging out with a bunch of guys (and possibly, other girls) purely for fun will trigger her no end.

Brazilian guys are known to give in at the first opportunity of having sex, irrespective of their relationship status. Take her with you a couple of times and allow her some time to get used to it.

Gifts Are Important

If you have dated before, you’ll know gifts have a role in keeping your relationship going, but they are indispensable in the Brazilian culture. More than their value, it is about identifying the occasions and gifting the correct item on the day.

Here are the occasions, sorted in order of priority:

Birthdays and Anniversaries

These are the most important days, and you cannot afford to let your guard down. Personal gifts, expensive jewelry, accessories, a surprise holiday, etc., are all acceptable. Make sure you follow it up with a treat at her favorite restaurant.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is easy to remember since it’s a global occasion for couples to celebrate their love. But wait, there’s a Brazilian twist to it! Dia dos Namorados (Brazilian Valentine’s Day) is celebrated on June 12th. Additionally, you’re expected to celebrate it on February 14th too. Personal gifts and flowers are the minimum expectations, and there’s no upper limit!

Women’s Day

Dia das mulheres falls on March 8. It is a day to spoil your girlfriend, though you may get away with a congratulatory message, flowers, and a gift.

date single brazilian woman


Christmas and Easter

Christmas is an annual occasion to spoil her with a large gift. If she invites you to be with her family, be ready for a 12-hour celebration, with constant drinking, eating, and dancing. Chocolate eggs are mandatory on Easter, with the option of adding another gift if you haven’t emptied your wallet already!

Don’t Compare your girlfriend to anyone

On that note, be wary of comparing your Latina girlfriend to other girls, both when it comes to her looks or how she behaves. Specifically, telling her that another woman is better than her is a surefire way to set her off.

Be Romantic

Brazilian girls love to be romanced. The best way to romance her is to do two things:

Surprise her and make her feel special. Take her on a surprise date or adventure, and make sure it’s just the two of you and not a group of friends.

Take Your Time When Making Love

Did you know that Brazil is one of the most sexually active countries globally? Not only is your Brazilian girlfriend eager to make love often, but she’ll also want the two of you to take your time with it as well.

My advice is to focus on pleasuring her and not just yourself. Build tension by complimenting her and touching her throughout the day. Don’t skip past the foreplay once you’re intimate in the bedroom; if anything, the foreplay should be better than the actual sex.

Where Can You Find Your Brazilian Girlfriend

dating in brazil

Meeting women in Brazil is the easy part. Here are the best places to begin your search:

Online dating in Brazil

Hopefully, you can set up a date (or several dates) before you even arrive in the country. One of the best dating sites in Brazil to consider is BrazilCupid. The girls here are often looking for visiting Western men and longer-term relationships. In other words, the women here are often more serious.

Tinder is an old staple that is also an option, but the girls are flakier here. If you want to get a date or two out of Tinder, plan on setting up at least three or four instead. Another decent pick is Badoo, which acts more like a social network for online daters. It’s also more popular in Latin America than in the United States, so check it out.

In Brazil

The two most popular cities in Brazil for dating Brazilian women are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. But you also shouldn’t discount other often overlooked cities such as Salvador.

São Paulo is a sprawling metropolis and the biggest city in the country. The city has plenty of districts with thriving nightlife, including

  • Vila Madalena
  • Paulista
  • Paraiso

Out of those, I had the most fun in Vila Madalena. It has the loosest vibe and comes alive on Friday and Saturday nights. Make sure to read our Sao Paulo women guide.

Rio is a more touristy city than São Paulo is, and it becomes very raunchy during the Carnival season. But that only makes it more fun!

I recommend staying at a hotel or hostel near Copacabana beach or Ipanema beach, which are very close together. There are many bars and clubs along both beaches, and even some of the hostels throw Friday night parties with really sexy Rio women.

Recife is located further up the coastline and has grown substantially as a tourist destination in recent years. Here I recommend you check out Boa Viagem. That is where all the nightlife is. It’s also close to the beach and shopping malls for you to practice your day game.

Dating Tips to Get a Brazilian Girlfriend

date single woman from rio de janeiro brazil

Finding a Brazilian woman to approach is the easy part. The trick is convincing them to go out and date you.

I have a few suggestions:

Accept That You’re a Gringo

Since you’re a gringo, you’ll have a different experience approaching the ladies in Brazil. Whereas Brazilian women are used to Brazilian men, they may be a little caught off guard at first with approached by Western men, simply because it doesn’t happen every day.

Just dress well (but not like a tourist, if you know what I mean), stand upright, have an authentic smile on your face, and practice good personal hygiene. And when the time comes to approach, remember to…

Be Confident, but Not Aggressive

When you do approach a girl you like, don’t be indirect by asking for directions or what the time is. Instead, tell her that you noticed her and found her attractive, so you’d like to meet her again soon.

Brazilian women appreciate direct men. If you beat around the bush too much, she may be polite about it, but she’ll likely come up with an excuse for why she can’t see you later.

Just don’t be too aggressive. Don’t be overtly sexual right off the bat, either, and remember, if she says no, she says no.

A Guide to Flirting

The Brazilian culture is a casual one where you need to come out of your western shell. Here are a few useful tips that ensure you are not caught cold in your moments together.

Loosen up

This is one tip western men could not overdo. Leave your sophisticated self behind when you are with your girl. Don’t be conscious of your surroundings and focus only on your date. Like a girl at a party? Approach her directly. If she says no, move on without feeling guilty about it.

Don’t be shy of physical contact

Brazilians love to put arms around shoulders and waist, hug, touch, and kiss. While it may be taboo in your country, it is OK to kiss a girl in the first meeting. Be expressive without being forceful. In fact, if you hit it off with a girl and don’t attempt to kiss her, she might assume you’re not interested.

Accept flattery with a pinch of salt

Brazilians are an expressive lot. They would make you feel like a million bucks 5 minutes into the first meeting. Enjoy it without getting off the ground – if it’s too much too soon from someone you just met, tread cautiously.

Learn a few Brazilian pick-up lines


Take a look at these Brazilian flirting phrases if you want to up your game. Otherwise, you’ll regret it later if you walk on and constantly wonder about what would have happened had you gone up.

Observe Brazilian Guys Approaching Women

Brazilian girls are approached all the time (as in on a daily or near-daily basis). That is why it’s easier to approach women in Brazil than just about anywhere else.

As you go about the day, observe the people around you and look for guys approaching girls. Even if you can’t understand the language, pay attention to how he acts and how she responds. You should find that the men are very direct and don’t care about rejection, while the women are very comfortable with the guys approaching them.

Final Thoughts on Brazilian Girlfriends

date girls from fortaleza

Brazilian girls can make for excellent long-term partners. They’re sensual, loyal, and like to have fun all at the same time.  My final piece of advice is to just go for it. If you see a girl you like, go up and say something to her, she might end up being your new long-term partner!

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