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Do you plan to visit Cartagena in Columbia when things start to open up? If so, you’re in for a treat, both in terms of its Spanish-inspired architecture and the beautiful Columbian gals who live in the city.

But who am I to speak?

Well, I paid a week-long visit to Cartagena during my last adventure to Columbia. Having spent some time here, it’s safe to say that I know a few things regarding where you can find attractive girls in town.

Here are the best places to meet girls in Cartagena:

Date Cartagena girls during the day


Cartagena is the fifth-largest city in Columbia, with a population of over one million.

This overlooked metropolis is historically notable because it was the first city that Spain established in the Americas. It’s also a beach city as it’s located right along the Caribbean Sea.

The numerous beaches in Cartagena arguably provide your best chance for meeting women naturally during the day.

But which beach is the best?

My pick is Bocagrande. It is one of the most popular beaches with the locals and tourists, so it’s easy to find and meet beautiful girls from all over the world here.

Beyond the illustrious sand and the ocean, Bocagrande also offers a boardwalk and numerous cafes, shops, and restaurants. You can spend an entire day here and never get bored.

When you venture into the interior of the city itself, my advice is to head to what’s called ‘Old Town’ or ‘Old City.’

Old Town is a tourist-friendly neighborhood downtown, and like Bocagrande, the opportunities are truly ripe for meeting girls from all over the world here.

Go into a few of the shopping malls, and you’ll see dozens of women everywhere you look going about their day who you can approach. The best malls are:

  • San Fernando Mall
  • Mail Plaza El Castillo
  • Caribe Plaza Mall

Last but not least, there are also a few landmarks worth checking out in Cartagena, including:

  • Palace of Inquisition
  • Museau del Cacao
  • Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

Lots of tourists also venture to these landmarks daily, so you can go for no other reason than to meet people if you want to.

Where to meet Cartegena girls at night


There are more than enough opportunities for meeting Columbian girls in Cartagena during the day. But the action starts to get spicy after the sun goes down.

Again, Old Town is the best place to be when it comes to nightlife. First of all, it’s easily the safest part of town at night, which is especially important if you’re coming to this city alone.

Secondly, as noted before, it’s very tourist friendly. Besides Columbian girls, you’ll find girls from all over the world here at bars and clubs.

Within Old Town, go to Getsemani. It’s a small part of the town that has several of the most popular tourist bars here. Believe me when I say your chances to experience a one-night stand are pretty decent if you spend a night here.

A few of the best bars and clubs include:

  • Elvissa
  • Pley Club
  • Mister Babilla
  • Bazurto Social Club
  • Cafe del Mar
  • Elektra Club
  • La Movia
  • Green Moon Isco
  • Bonche Bar

Outside of Old Town, I’d again recommend Bocagrande for the nightlife. There are many bars along the boardwalk here, even though there may not be quite as many people as in Old Town.

If anything, you may want to visit Old Town on Friday night and then head over to Bocagrande come Saturday.

Dating Cartagena Girls Online

An ideal situation would be to meet girls to date before you even arrive in Cartagena, right? If you agree, I suggest

One of the best things about this site is that many women here are interested in longer-term relationships with visiting Western men. In other words, the women here are a bit more serious about what they’re looking for,

A decent backup option is always Tinder. The girls here are usually a bit flakier, so expect to get maybe one or two days for every three to four that you set up.

Cartagena dating guide

Once you begin dating a girl a bit more seriously, you’ll have a multitude of places to take her throughout Cartagena. Seriously, there aren’t any shortage of things to do here, so you can never have a boring day once you venture out of your hostel or hotel.

As I discovered quickly, this city comes packed with restaurants and cocktail bars for truly romantic dates, either during the day or in the evening:

Besides restaurants, you can also go to any of the various street parties that occur over weekends, relax on the beach while sipping margaritas, or go to the Castillo San Felipe fort, the largest Colonial fortress South America and quite impressive.

Final tips for picking up a Cartagena woman

Here are my final tips for picking up a Columbian girl in Cartagena:

Be Assertive, But Not Aggressive

Columbian girls are used to guys approaching them. It’s not uncommon for a Columbian gal to be approached by several men in a single day.

Just because you’re a Western gringo does not automatically mean that Latin girls will fall for you just because you’re more exotic in their country.

Stand upright and speak with assertiveness in your voice; if you’re slouching or trembling in your voice, she may act polite, but she won’t view you as her best choice for a potential partner.

Just don’t be too aggressive. Don’t start touching or trying to make things sexual right away. Doing so is a big turn-off and can end up having essentially the same effect as not practicing true confidence.

Take Care of Yourself

Practice good personal hygiene, comb your hair, and dress well (just not the classic tourist look, if you know what I mean). Looks do matter, and girls can tell the difference between a guy who takes care of himself and a guy who does not.

Don’t Try To Be Someone You’re Not

Finally, just be yourself. If you’re not naturally cocky or socially outgoing but try hard to be because you think it will impress the ladies, they’ll sense it, and it’s a major turn-off.

Yes, you should dress well, practice good hygiene, and practice confidence when you approach.

But also, don’t forget your authentic self. Remember that your true personality is also what’s wholly original about you. Some girls dig it, and others won’t…but the girls who do dig it are the ones you’ll form the fondest memories with.

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